Diamond Rings

Diamond Rings

diamond rings

A diamond ring is one of the most universal symbols of love. Due to this symbolism, couples have been giving the diamond ring as a gift for centuries  - most commonly for an engagement or tenth wedding anniversary, with some being given more recently as part of  bridal sets or for Mother's Day.

When choosing a diamond ring, the key considerations are:

  • The event
  • The personal preferences of who you are buying the ring for
  • The amount of money you have to spend.


When choosing a diamond ring, the event is of great importance. The type of band you would choose as a wedding ring is very different than what you would want to give for an anniversary. Most sales professionals will be able to point you in the right direction on this point, so take them up on this.

It is important to consider when buying a diamond ring what the person actually likes and wants. Do they want the traditional single diamond on a band? Perhaps they like vintage or modern rings? Pairings are also very popular, such as a diamond paired with another stone like a sapphire.

You will need to ask a lot of questions and if it is going to be a surprise - be subtle! The wrong choice could send your gift spiralling downhill so be considerate to the recipient's wishes. Women in particular usually have a strong preference of the type of metal or stone, for instance whether it be a black diamond or a yellow diamond, that they would like to wear. It is worth noting what styles she likes to try on for when you go into the shop,  they often are invariably of a similar metal and stone.

Now, budgets can often be a sensitive subject but if you are wishing to make a big purchase. It is important to start saving as soon as possible to ensure you can afford your ring of choice!  Rings by Cartier, Tacori  and other designers may be of a greater expense. Vintage rings are a cheaper option. Vintage rings found at an antique store can provide an equally as beautiful option.

Remember you only give these gifts a couple of times in your life, so make sure you show how important your loved one is to you.

  • Be clear as to what event the diamond ring celebrates.
  • Know your loved one! Take your time to figure out what type of stones and metal they prefer.
  • For those hoping to spend a lot, start saving as soon as you can.