Depending on one's location, caravans can be known as mobile homes. These are very literally considered to be a "home away from home" and some of the best will offer all of the modern conveniences that can be enjoyed by children and adults alike. To have a better understanding of these unique vehicles, let us look at some of the ways to choose the type that will perfectly suit a place of residence or a luxurious travel option.

Static Caravans

As the name denotes, a static caravan is one that is primarily designed as a standalone residence. In the United States, these are known as trailer parks while in other parts of the world, they can be dubbed caravan parks. Regardless of the nomenclature, their purpose is the same. They are designed as a cheap option for those who are in need of a temporary (and sometimes semi-permanent) living space. If this type of caravan is desired, it is best to perform an online search to seek out the communities that are the highest rated. It is also essential to visually inspect the motorhome before committing to any type of contractual agreement. Any signs of mould or water damage may indicate that the unit is in poor condition. Likewise, those with carpets should be avoided, for they will tend to smell during the damp season. Signs of wear and tear should be noted and if these are endemic throughout the motorhome, it is best to look elsewhere.

A Look at Mobile Homes

In general, a mobile home is simply a caravan that can be transported from place to place. They can either be towed behind a vehicle or they can be driven entirely separately. Larger mobile homes are actually quite spacious and can cost tens of thousands of pounds. Still, this cost will offer all of the most desirable conveniences including satellite television, wireless Internet, a fully functional bathroom and state-of-the-art furniture. In these vehicles, it is wise to purchase caravan insurance or motorhome insurance. These policies can protect against fire, theft or any other incident that may cause damage or loss of property. The best caravan insurance dealers will provide flexible packages that are designed around the needs of the customer.

Static Caravans for Sale: What to Look For

Besides the obvious physical signs of damage, any potential buyer should request information on the previous owner. Additionally, static caravans are normally located within a larger community. As some of the residents may qualify as low-income individuals, it is also wise to take a look at any nearby neighbours. It is not uncommon for many static caravans for sale to be rather negotiable in terms of pricing, so buyers should never take the first offer. Finally, examine the reputation of the seller and make certain that he or she can provide references in regards to previous customers.

So, some of the most important aspects to consider when buying a caravan will include:
  • Information regarding the previous owners.
  • Any neighbours.
  • Negotiable pricing.
  • Customer testimonials.

Also, it is wise to enquire as to whether or not there is a chance to become a member of a local caravan club. These organisations can offer chartered trips and may even allow the owner to qualify for discounted travel rates and other amenities.