Hotels in NYC

Hotels in NYC

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Visiting New York City is a dream for many people and most of them save for many years to make the trip. When choosing their accommodation for this once in a lifetime trip people do not want to scrimp and save, they would rather choose from the better class hotels that NYC has to offer!

Luxury in NYC is true luxury, aimed at the super wealthy who can make or break a hotel chain with just one review. The St Regis on East 55th Street is reportedly NYC's most expensive overnight accommodation with a cost of $823 per room. It is closely followed by the Mandarin Oriental on Columbus Circle and the world famous Four Seasons on East 57th Street. These hotels all boast superb addresses in the very heart of the vibrant and bustling city. However, it is not necessary to pay those top prices to have a great holiday in NYC.

The Bowery House hostel plays up to its shabby chic as it offers tiny rooms for reasonable prices. Situated on the Lower East Side it is close enough to central NY to go exploring, while not swallowing up your entire holiday budget. If you are prepared to sleep in smaller than usual rooms, or even to put up without some of the modern conveniences that we have come to expect from hotels, you should be able to find yourself a decent pied-a-terre while in the city.

It is unlikely that you will be spending a lot of time in your room: the many wonders of the city await you! Even Grand Central Station is distinctive and wonderful enough to merit a visit on its own, never mind as a transition from one place to another! Central Park, that glorious green space that gives many New Yorkers their daily dose of natural greenery invites exploration, containing a Zoo, fairground, many wonderful walks and even cycle tracks to follow.

Times Square is instantly recognizable to nearly everyone, although you may be surprised how normal it appears in real life. The venue for The 'Big Apple's' annual New Year countdown, Times Square attracts some 39 million visitors every year, making it one of the world's most visited tourist attractions.

One way to experience some of the luxury of a top hotel in NY is to sleep at a smaller, less sumptuous boarding house, but try to dine in one of the top establishments at least once. This will give you a real feeling of having experienced the best of The Big Apple without needing to pay huge sums for the privilege.

NYC is much safer than it used to be, with the mayor and police force espousing a 'zero tolerance' attitude to crimes that would previously have only received a token slap on the wrist. Even so, as in any unfamiliar large city it is best to be prepared and protect yourself by not being out alone at night and letting someone know where you are heading, even if it is just the desk clerk at the hotel.

To summarize:
  • NYC City boasts some of the best hotels in the world
  • The Big Apple is one of the places that nearly everyone wants to visit at some point
  • The Big Apple caters for people from all walks of life, from the super-rich to the fairly poor