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What are the Best Vacuum Cleaners of 2018?

Cleanliness is next to godliness. However, even the hand of god could use an efficient vacuum cleaner from time to time. If you are like most, it is likely that your schedule is quite busy and that you do not have the opportunity to spend hours cleaning your home or flat. This is why choosing the most advanced vacuum cleaner is obviously important. However, quality needs to be balanced with price. How can you find the best deals on the market without being forced to sacrifice cleaning power? We have answered this question by putting together a quick review of the top models as well as what each has to offer. Let's take a look at how you can save a great deal of money while still leveraging the power of modern technology.

A Look at the Best Vacuum Cleaners in 2018

The first unit to have made out list is the Bissell 9595A. The reason that this vacuum is impressive is the fact that it is priced under £100 pounds. However, do not let the cost-effective nature of this model fool you. The 9595A is laden with a host of interesting benefits. To begin with, it employs what is known as a “cyclone” system to literally create negative pressure. This will help to suck up even the most stubborn dirt and filth from carpets, drapes and much more. It will also separate dirt from debris such as pebbles and pieces of plastic. This is associated with a longer filter life and therefore, less maintenance in the long run. Sturdy brushes located on its bottom rotating heads are able to reach deeper into carpets with higher piles; ideal if you have pets or small children.

The Shark Navigator Professional NV356E is the next model to have enjoyed a place within this list. The Navigator Professional is quite lightweight; well under six kilogrammes. Not only is this ideal if you happen to have mobility issues, but cleaning areas such as stairs will not be a problem. One of the main amenities of this model is that the upper portion (handle) can be detached from the main cannister. This allows you to negotiate difficult or tight locations (such as underneath furniture). The entire unit i9s sealed from the outer environment, so you will not have to worry if you happen to suffer from allergies. Its certified HEPA filters are able to address even the toughest of cleaning tasks and the height of the brush can be raised to addressed hardwood floors as well as carpets. This is why many industry experts consider the Shark Navigator Professional to represent what can only be called the best all-around vacuum in 2018. Once again, it is priced at less than £100 pounds.

The Hoover Air Lift Cordless Lithium-Ion Vacuum is priced at bit higher (just over £150 pounds) and yet, it is well worth the increase cost. As the title already suggests, this is one of the few vacuums that does not require a cord to function. You will no longer have to worry about running out of space or about having to find that mains outlet when you are in a hurry. This unit is powered by a pair of 20-volt lithium-ion batteries and the average operational time before it will need to be recharged is (approximately) four hours. Still, this should be well within reason for most domestic needs. The good news is that you can swap out one fully charged battery if you desire, so the unit will never completely run out of power if you pay attention to its state.

If you can afford to splurge a bit, the Dyson Ball Animal 2 should be at the top of your list. Dyson has always been a respected name within the industry and their 2018 model seems to confirm this fact. The developers claim that it offers the best suction on the market today and many independent reviews have confirmed this observation. A sleek design, a metallic finish and a lightweight feel all contribute to the benefits of the Ball Animal 2. It can deal with the finest of particles and yet, it is just as adept when dealing with bulky objects such as balls of hair or caked dirt. Another advantage of this unit is that it is not nearly as noisy as some other vacuum cleaners. Due to these aspects, this Dyson unit is one of the best options if you happen to have small children and you are concerned about dust and allergens. The average price of this model is just under £400 pounds.

How to Get the Best Deal on the Best Vacuum Cleaner

Now that we have taken a look at some of the best makes and models on the market today, how can you encounter the most appropriate unit without breaking the bank? There are a handful of suggestions to keep in mind along the way and the most critical is to take a look at third-party comparison sites. Not only can these portals provide you with direct links to the manufacturer, but they are known to offer one-time discount codes that can offer rebates of up to ten per cent on occasion. It is normally also possible to register with an online mailing list. These messages can provide you with additional rebates and other offers such as replacement filters and attachments. As always, perform a good deal to research before committing to any purchase. If you are looking to save even more money, it could be wise to navigate to sites such as and to utilise the services of a reputable seller. There are many times when such individuals will offer OEM (original equipment manufacturer) vacuuums at a fraction of the price that would normally be countered through the retailers themselves.