The evolution of television has brought about many new technologies, such as the 4K Ultra HD TV and the Smart TV. We now live in the age of ultra slim, ultra HD televisions which are connected to the internet, giving us better access to a detailed viewing of the media than ever before.

4K Ultra HD – The Next Generation of TV

4K Ultra HD TVs display four times the detail of current HD TVs. For every pixel in a 1080p screen, there are four in a 4K screen. The resolution achieved by 4K Ultra HD TVs provides incredible image detail in televisions. Watching 4K TV allows you to see everything on screen in crystal-clear clarity and extravagant detail.

4K TVs are offered by all the top brands, and generally start at around the £1000 mark. 4K TVs are usually 40inches or over because a large screen is needed to properly appreciate the high picture quality, which is often lost on a small screen.

Smart TVs

Smart TVs have a built-in internet connectivity, which allows it to access a range of online services including video on demand, social networking and instant messaging. Some TVs even feature a web browser which allows access to most websites.
Most mid-to-high range televisions will offer smart functionality, and even some budget models and brands are beginning to include some common features. The features which are available with a smart TV will vary depending on the make and model, but most allow access to popular social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook. Most will also allow you to access video on demand services such as YouTube, Netflix and catch-up services such as BBC iPlayer and ITV Hub.

Popular Brands

The leading brands in the television sector, such as Panasonic, Samsung, Sony and LG all offer ranges of 4K Ultra HD TVs as well as Smart televisions. Panasonic’s newest model of smart televisions feature a ‘swipe and share’ function – swipe your finger upwards on your smartphone or tablet’s screen to share content on your television. Samsung have released a variety of different 4K TVs and Smart TVs, including the UE55KU6500 which is a curved Smart TV which features 4K resolution. Sony and LG have also produced impressive series of Smart TVs and 4K Ultra HD televisions.