EU Ban on Inefficient Vacuum Cleaners

EU Ban on Inefficient Vacuum Cleaners


From the beginning of September, the EU is placing a ban on importing and manufacturing vacuum cleaners which exceed 1,600 watts. This is because the EU wants to seriously cut down energy consumption and tackle climate change. The ban is not just about changing consumers’ actions, but it is also encouraging businesses to take a proactive role and create more efficient vacuum cleaners.

In addition, new vacuum cleaners will be graded against a rating guide according to their dust emissions and performance on a range of surfaces. This will allow individuals to make a more informed decision when choosing a new vacuum cleaner.

Among the models which will be discontinued in September include:

  • Hoover Smart Pets SM1901
  • Miele S5281 Allervac Sensor 5000
  • Hoover Spirit TSP2101


The ban has become quite a controversial topic in the press. Some praise the decision arguing that it will encourage manufacturers to become more innovative and produce efficient products. Others criticise that this could be problematic for allergy sufferers and surely a ban on fuel-guzzling cars would be more beneficial. Some of the harshest critics of the ruling are dubious that this change will do little to reducing energy consumption.


However, you look at it, this ban will have a serious impact on the vacuum cleaner market. To begin with it has been reported that many of the top performing and best-rated vacuum cleaners in the UK exceed 1,600 watts. Indeed, Hoover has been recently updating its selection of vacuum cleaners as previously most of their devices had motors larger than 1,600 watts. However, Dyson have not been affected as all of their devices have relatively small motors.

In the future, the EU will crack down further on efficient vacuum cleaners as they hope to get all vacuum cleaners below 900w.