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The Pen: A Brief History...

Primitive man used his hands and fingers to paint on cave walls, soon adapting by using sticks and softer reeds to achieve a better effect. The first crude pens came along some 6000 years ago, when men scratched forms into soft clay tablets using bones or sticks. The Egyptians, some 1000 years later, invented the first kind of paper, papyrus, and came up with fine reed pens or brushes as a writing tool to team it with. However, it was not until 600AD that the first properly recognizable pen came along in the form of a quill. These writing tools dominated for over a thousand years and saw the creation of the works of both Geoffrey Chaucer and William Shakespeare. Since we have seen the development of lead pencils, ballpoint pens, Biro pens, felt tips and highlighter pens.

Why choose a Pen as a gift?

Today pens are of an enormous variety, from traditional retro fountain pens to high class gem-studded status symbols and cheap and cheerful rainbow packs for school-children to use. A custom pen is an excellent gift idea. It offers a different choice of gift to mark important milestones and certain achievements such as birthdays, professional promotions or a graduation, ensuring that the recipient will always have a useful, attractive and portable memento of the special event. Customized and personalized pens can be found online through a number of different outlets that offer a range of engraving services.

Buying Custom Pens

Being lightweight, easy to carry and useful, many companies are now producing promotional pens. These customized promo goods carry the company's advertising message far and wide for the duration of the pens life – which could literally be years! For this reason when trying to advertise yourself as either a business or individual, promo goods will nearly always help you get seen more by the public. With prices being so low for customized promotional goods, it's important to discover the different options that are made available to you. There are hundreds of companies online which offer quick and easy to use branding services at really low prices. Offering branded products to customers is a great marketing strategy. There are a range of styles to choose from; companies which require a higher tier of promotional gift may consider a fountain pen. Its still relatively cheap to produce in a large quantity, but it can feel more exclusive and, once the first cartridge is used, be re-filled and re-used by the customer. Make sure you know what you want before you buy. Companies can offer different prices for different goods and various customization. It's best to assign yourself a budget and shop around before making your purchase, as custom pens are not extremely profitable due to their low selling costs, most companies will attempt to up-sell more promo goods based on your current order.
What to look out for:
  • Read online reviews for each company you're considering to buy from. Some may offer really low prices, but the products will be of extremely low standards. Try to get the reviews from different places and if possible a free sample to see exactly what the finished product will look like. Order from the company which provides a good quality product at a fair price.
  • Make sure when submitting an order that it is all correct before completing the transaction. Due to the amount of orders these companies process, they are generally automated with little human input. Once the order has gone through, it's unlikely to be possible to change it.
  • If ordering a custom item for someone as a gift, make sure that it will suit them in advance. Some of the more exclusive branded goods can cost quite a lot of money due to the quality and time taken to create them.
  • Make a budget and stay within it at all times. Be sure to avoid additional products offered at a discount when at the check-out as this is how companies make their money.