Custom Coffee Mugs

Custom Coffee Mugs

custom coffee mugs

What is the Attraction Behind Uniquely Designed Ceramic Cups?

One of the first things to recognize is that personalized cups can either be thought of as either a gift or a savvy marketing campaign. These items can be easy to make and can include nearly any graphical content such as high resolution pictures or a company brand.

Another advantage is that they are great promotional products. They can be given as a gift for attending a trade fair, be provided along with other memorabilia such as t-shirts and buttons and some companies have even been known to provide an individualized cup for each employee at an office. Either way, they will make the owner feel unique and catered to.

Also, let us not forget that manufacturing a customized cup is quick and cost-effective. Most often, the ceramics themselves are bought in bulk and come in a variety of desired colours. They will be shipped to a printer or designer who will then accommodate nearly any design and function.

Specifically for a marketing strategy, there is a certain edge when promoting a company or brand on a cup. A mug can be considered a personal item and therefore any photos or graphics placed upon it will have an equally personal connotation. This is ideal for an enterprise that wants to be remembered by the individual.

Custom cups - The attraction:
  • They have the flexibility of either being presented as a personal gift or a corporate sales strategy.
  • They are excellent promotional products with a personal touch.
  • They are easy and cheap to manufacture on a bulk scale.
  • Nearly any unique design is feasible.

Things to Consider When Designing a Personalized Coffee Cup

Custom coffee mugs need to be just that; custom. This first aspect to keep in mind is that should the cup be designated for promotional purposes, the print has to be simple, catchy and easy to read. Any photos should not take away from the power of the text or the logo. In essence; simplicity equals success.

Another variable is the colour of the cup itself. For example, it would make sense for an environmentally friendly company to utilize a green or brown background, but it would be illogical for the same company to employ colours such as black or gold. Succinctly, choosing the right colour will have a definite impact on the attractiveness of the overall design.

Whether these cups are given as gifts or are considered promotional, choosing the right manufacturer is important. Quality services will only use the most durable of ceramics and inks that will not fade or run over time. An excellent way to determine which company may be the best is to perform an online search and take a look at any samples they may have or ideally even customer testimonials.

When including pictures in a design, never forget that they will not nearly display as high of a resolution as on printed paper. For this reason, choose a photo that is easy to recognize when downsized and that will not appear "cluttered" or out of place on the cup.

To summarize- Four variables to remember are:
  • Simplicity is key.
  • Choose the colour carefully.
  • Make certain to choose a quality manufacturer.
  • Employ a photo that can be downsized easily.