Catalogue shopping, be it online or through a mail order catalogue, is convenient way to shop for goods. From clothing and electrical goods through to books and jewellery, virtually any products can be purchased through a catalogue. Some of the most popular catalogues in the UK include Isme, Littlewoods, Simply Be, Avon and Freemans.

Advantages of Catalogue Shopping

While some people enjoy spending time traipsing around shops, many do not enjoy crowded shopping centres or have the time to dedicate a number of hours to exploring shops. Catalogues offer a more practical alternative as you can browse and shop at your own leisure from the comfort of your own home. For this reason, catalogue shopping is incredibly popular during the Christmas season.

Ordering through a catalogue, be it an online one or a physical printed one, can help you buy goods from companies and shops that are not based in your local area or do not have any physical stores. Indeed, there are a number of companies now which only sell their goods online in order to cut down on overhead costs.

Another great thing about catalogue shopping is that catalogues are usually more organised than a shop. This means that you can often find things that you may have been unable to locate in a store. In addition, online catalogues allow you to search for items you want, making it quick and easy to find a specific item!

Potential Pitfalls of Catalogue Shopping

While catalogue shopping certainly has its benefits, there are a number of limitations to this method of shopping. To begin with, there is the obvious issue that you cannot see the product in person. This is particularly problematic if you are buying clothing as sizes are not always standardized among brands. In addition, there are also some items such mattresses and sofas which you should really try out before you buy.

Another issue with catalogue shopping is that in catalogues the colours may not be true to life, this can be quite a problem if you are looking for something to coordinate with an item you already own. Similarly, it is hard to judge the quality and feel of item from a picture alone even with the aid of descriptions. This is especially the case with subjective factors such as the feel of a jumper as one person’s interpretation of ‘soft’ may not be the same as yours.

Online Catalogue Shopping

Over the past decade, online catalogues have exceeded the popularity of physical, mail order catalogues. This owes much to the fact that they are more convenient as they can be on a range of devices so long as there is an internet connection.

Online catalogues allow you to browse and search through the products available. You can then click on the individual item to find out more about it and read product reviews form customers.

If you decide that you would like to purchase this item, you can then add it to your virtual ‘basket’. Some online catalogues allow you to save the item for later, which is great if you are undecided whether it is the product for you. When you add the product to your virtual basket, you may have to select size and colour should there be a choice available.

Once you are have added all items you want to your basket, you can then proceed to the checkout. Here you will be asked for your payment information, usually credit card, debit card or PayPal. You will also need to select where you would like the product to be delivered to and may have a choice of delivery options such as next day delivery or free delivery.

After you have confirmed your payment, you will receive a confirmation email or text message almost immediately and you will receive another message later on once the item has been shipped or dispatched.