Best Coffee Machines

What are the Best Coffee Machines that 2018 has to Offer?

Nothing beats that piping hot cup of coffee first thing in the morning. When processed powder simply is not sufficient to wake you from your slumber, a high-tech coffee machine is often the best option. Whether used within the home or the office, you have a plethora of different makes and models to choose from. 2018 has some great deals in store and whether you are on a budget or you are willing to spend a bit of money, there is a design which is perfectly capable of addressing your discrete needs. Let's take a look at the top coffee machines on the market today before concluding with some of the variables that you should address in order to ensure that you get what you pay for.

A Look at the Top Coffee Machines for Home and Office Use

The Cuisinart 12-Cup Grind and Brew is arguably the top unit to make our list. This unit is compact and user-friendly, so it can be used in nearly any environment and if necessary, it can be transported from place to place. A cylindrical design is great if space is a concern while its grind-and-brew functions are able to make up to 12 cups of coffee at a single go; an impressive benefit considering the size of the unit itself. A built-in charcoal filter (replaceable) will also address any issues if you happen to have hard water on your premises. Its price is a final benefit, as it currently costs less than £ 100 pounds when utilising online sites such as

The Breville Smart Grinder Pro is another unit which is certainly no laughing matter. It has followed the trend of many appliances in offer a retro appeal, so you may be able to recall childhood days when you were awoken by your parents brewing a cup before work. One of the most unique aspects of this design is that it offers a clear funnelling mechanism which shows the progress of the beans that are being ground. An LED screen illustrates progress along the way and there are three separate control knobs which will modify metrics such as the amount of beans to be ground as well as the coarseness. This is important, for the coarseness of the beans will ultimately determine the strength of the coffee. A red-and-chrome design offer an aesthetic appeal and with a price of approximately £150 pounds, it is a worthwhile option to keep in mind. However, please note that this unit is ONLY meant to grind coffee as opposed to brew the subsequent grounds with the help of water. This is why it is often used in conjunction with a separate drip-feed mechanism.

The DeLonghi Dedica America KG521 Burr Grinder is perhaps the best choice for those who do not know a great deal about blending coffee. It is a very user-friendly version and a minimalist design belies the fact that this is indeed one of the best coffee machines on the market in 2018. It is equipped with an 800-watt heater and this is able to dramatically reduce the time required to make a hot cup of coffee. An internal thermostat can likewise be set to discrete settings based upon your brewing needs. Exact temperature controls also signify that you will be able to determine the strength of your coffee. A stable base, a relatively narrow frame and an all-sliver hue further add to the appeal of this unit. At the time that this article was written, this coffee machine was priced at £140 pounds by

If you are looking for a heavy-duty solution when blending your coffee, the Black & Decker 12-Cup Mill and Brew coffee maker will not let you down. As you might have already suspected, Black & Decker take a great deal of pride when manufacturing home appliances and this unit is the perfect example of a combination of both form and function. The exterior alone is quite impressive; a blue backlit LED display will provide you with accurate readings even during low-light situations while a side-loading mechanism enables this coffee maker to be placed within areas with a limited amount of vertical space. One-touch controls and a user-friendly design round out the advantages associated with this professional coffee machine. It is priced at approximately £55 pounds; a real bargain when compared to other models.

We finally come to the Krups Espresseria Automatic Espresso Machine. This model has just entered into the market and it is already making waves. Thanks to a bespoke sense of versatility, it is possible to brew between two and ten cups at any given time with amazing levels of precision. So, it could be a great addition during a meeting amongst friends or business colleagues. It is also one of the smallest units available, so those with limited space will be pleased with such versatility. There are five grind levels accentuated by three drip settings, so brewing that perfect cup of coffee has never been easier. A built-in water filtration system and a programmable timer are additional amenities which are obviously worth mentioning.

What to Consider When Purchasing a Coffee Machine

Price is an obvious concern. The price of a coffee machine will often be paired with how often it is utilised. Should the unit be used on a daily basis, it could very well be worth investing a bit more money. Still, there is a bit more than meets the eye when making an informed choice. Hard water can quickly damage and even corrode the mechanisms within a coffee machine. If you suspect that you have hard water, always be sure that the unit is equipped to handle (and to remove) these sediments during the brewing process. Other concerns include the size of the unit, whether it can be transported from place to place and if it can be programmed to achieve a specific granularity (in terms of the grinding process). 2018 has much to offer in regards to coffee machines, so enjoy!