Web Design

Selecting a Web Design Company

web design
When looking for a web designer for yourself or your company, there are many items that need to be considered including their reputation, expertise, cost and ability to deliver in your time frame. Before going out to hire a web designer it is good to get a complete understanding of what their work actually encompasses.

Essentially, a web designer can build a website from the ground up or update an old website to bring it up to date. While in the past the website designer would have focused solely on the way the web pages looked; now they are involved from the outset, on how to make a website, to the ongoing maintenance of web pages.

Not all web design companies are created equal and just because you know someone that does web design, does not mean that they can deliver what you have in mind. Any designer you are considering should be able to explain how to build a website, as well as show you some website templates.

Make sure you are firm about what you want and that they are clear as to whether they are going to make a website from scratch or use a web builder to make it for you. Any website designer should be able to provide a list of clients and examples of current work that is live on the internet. By looking at these examples, you will get an idea of the webdesigner's capabilities and area of expertise. Indeed, you will find that some designers have strengths in certain types of websites, such a shopping sites. Finally, make sure you are clear as to what you need to get out of website. Do you need a site that can complete sales or is this simply a landing page to market the company?

Also something to consider is the company's ability to deliver on time. A great small firm could be getting too many clients to meet all their needs. No matter what, ensure you get a lot of time with the company before agreeing to work with them.

Quick Facts:
  • A web designer now does much more than design the look of a page. They will do everything from website building to ongoing maintenance.
  • Make sure that the website designer provides a number a previous clients and examples of work currently being used on the internet.
  • Ask about the company's plan to deliver on your schedule.