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SIM Cards

sim cards

As the technology behind mobile phones and smartphones continues to advance, there are many consumers who will require what is known as a SIM card. These tiny electronic devices are useful for storing data as well as a personal phone number. In fact, these cards can be purchased as an inclusive part of a phone or can instead be enjoyed with what is known as a "SIM only deals" (that is, the card alone is purchased as opposed to the phone itself). Sometimes, free SIM cards are offered while it is also quite common for travellers to make use of pay as you go SIM cards. As their name denotes, these cards will work with pay as you go phones; ideal for customers who wish a "no-frills" phone that is only going to be used for a short period of time. So, let us take a quick look at some of the ways to choose a SIM card that will best suit a specific purpose.

A Variety of Companies

The number of SIM cards available directly reflects the massive amount of mobile phone providers that are currently on today's market. Vodafone, GiffGaff and Orange are but a few examples of the manufacturers that are available. Of course, each organistaion will offer different deals and areas of network coverage. In fact, companies such as GiffGaff are excellent for those who wish to enjoy a considerable amount of minutes and text messages for an extremely low price. Other providers will offer cards that support Internet usage; perfect when one needs online access while out and about. So, the manufacturer of the card is the first main consideration.

A SIM Card or a Card and a Phone?

There are times when SIM only deals are the best choice. This will normally occur when one already has a prepaid phone handy. Three SIM only is a plan that is currently offered by the mobile provider Three. The Three SIM only option allows a customer to register a SIM card for a fixed price each month. These all-inclusive packages will supply thousands of minutes, countless text messages and impressive data tethering (perfect for Internet users).

However, there can also be occasions when an individual will require both a SIM card and a phone. Many of these pay as you go phones are packaged to include free SIM cards already installed. Thanks to modern technology, a micro SIM card is also an option, for these are able to store a significantly large amount of data. A micro SIM card is the preferred choice for those who will be using a large amount of data (downloading files via the Internet, for example).

So, some of the main considerations when choosing a SIM card will ultimately be:
  • The provider of the card.
  • The purpose of the card.
  • Purchasing pay as you go SIM cards in combination with a new phone.

By understanding these basic choices, the most applicable card can be purchased; a convenient option in this era of constantly evolving technology.

Comparison of Top Network Providers

Provider Free Sim Card Cheapest Sim-Only Deal Pay As You Go Pay As You Go Call Costs
GiffGaff £5.00 per Month 10p per min
O2 £6.00 per Month 25p per min
EE £7.99 per Month 35p per min
Vodafone £9.00 per Month 30p per min
Three £5.00 per Month 3p per min
Orange £8.99 per Month 14p per min
T-Mobile £7.50 per Month 30p per min

*Rates verified at time of publishing, but may be subject to change.