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Some Important Tips when Registering a Domain Name

domain nameWhen we are searching for a physical street address, we require the location of the street and a house number. The internet works very similarly; instead of physical addresses, companies and individuals use what are known as internet addresses, or simply domain names. As the number of websites continues to increase at a breakneck pace, the importance of choosing a relevant internet address is essential for exposure and recognition. A handful of recent news articles can help highlight this trend.

A Brief Explanation of Web Domains

Online addresses have been around for decades, although it was not until the 1990's that static addresses such as and entered into our modern day lexicon. The main point of these titles is to provide human visitors with a way to remember internet resources such as computers, networks, companies and services. Most names end with a .com or .net suffix. There are classified as "top level" domains. Other suffixes such as, or are considered secondary domains.

The right to use any of these names is achieved through a contractual agreement with a registrar, often times referred to as a hosting service. Registration is generally charged on an annual basis and should a "lease" on an address expire, it will once again become available for public purchase. Notwithstanding the logistics and history behind these names, choosing the appropriate address for a website may prove challenging, so it is wise to have a look at some of the top tips to help decide upon the most relevant name.

What Defines a Good Web Address?

The best domains are those that are easy to remember. No one will ever recall a string of incomprehensible letters or numbers. Rather, keep it short, easy to spell and try to use generic terms when possible. Additionally, focus on a .com address, as visitors are more likely to remember this than they may be with .ru, .me or other rather obscure addresses.

Consider using keywords in a domain name. This is important if a website or company's branding is expected to carry over into the address itself. Not only will the physical address be more memorable, but it will also tend to appear higher on search rankings; critical when attempting to increase online exposure.

Opt for professional-sounding names. This has as much to do with the title itself as with the hosting. For example, .com and .net tend to be associated with more reputable operations, while .biz may represent a rather transient service. Never forget that these names themselves are the first thing a visitor will encounter, and perhaps one of the only things he or she will recall.

So, let us briefly summarize these three top tips so they can be easily referenced in the future:
  • Choose domains that are easy to remember and are human-friendly.
  • Utilize keywords to help emphasize branding and increase search rankings.
  • Opt for more respectable suffixes such as .com or .net when possible.