Online Backup

Online Backup: The Basics

online backup

Online backup is a method of storing files so that if the worst occurs to your device storing documents, your personal files will be kept safe. This is extremely important to both businesses as losing important sales documents or customer records is not only inconvenient but it can also affect your customer relationships as you will have to apply to them again to get all their details. Online back up is not only great for businesses, but also the average IT user as losing your favourite photographs or an important piece of coursework can be devastating,

Creating a Backup

There are various different methods to making a extra copies of your files. Some companies provide you with software to install on your PC to make it extremely simple. In a few instances, all you need to do is put the files you want saved into a particular folder, and it then gets saved in "The Cloud" (This refers to a location for documents stored off your computer, but accessible from multiple locations).

Reasoning Behind the Importance of Saving Your Files

It's great to have a secure location to save files in case something happens to the device hosting the information. If your computer or phone breaks, there's a risk that you'll be unable to recover the information. For a company or a person, this can be financially crippling or at the very least, frustrating. Online back-up in this instance can be used as a method of data recovery. Once your PC is up and running again, you'll be able to simply restore your documents to their original location with minimum hassle.

Automatic Backups

If you're a busy individual or company, you won't have time to mess around trying to set an file or folder to be put into the cloud on a regular basis and there is always the risk that you may forget to copy something over. So you should look into getting a system with an automatic back-up to do this for you! During your initial set up, you'll indicate what needs to be stored on a regular basis and how often, then the software provided by your back-up supplier will do the rest of the work for you. This cuts down the time it takes to ensure the safety of your data, but it also makes sure that it's never forgotten to be done.