Mobile Phones

Mobiles Phone Plans and Their Features

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The Types of Plans to Choose From

The most popular option for the majority of customers is a contract. Contracts provide the subscriber to be entitled to a certain amount of minutes each month; often times into the thousands. In addition, some plans will allow for unlimited texting to other devices. Many packages offer free anytime weekend minutes, unlimited calls and texting to subscribers of the same service, state-of-the-art  mobile phones and a large amount of bandwidth usage for the internet. Many prefer this option due to the inclusive nature of the amenities provided.

Once again, some of the main features that this mobile  phone plan will offer are:
  • A proprietary number of calling minutes each month.
  • Unlimited texting to other devices of the same brand.
  • Unlimited nights and weekends
  • Free calls from customers of the same company.
  • A large amount of bandwidth.
  • Modern, streamlined phones.

The other option is to choose a prepaid phone. The main benefit with this plan is the fact that no contract needs to be signed. There is no commitment involved, thus the customer will only pay when the phone is in use. Otherwise known as pay as you go phones, this option is ideal for those that may only make calls sparingly. Additionally, travellers choose these mobile phone plans as a way to save money while abroad and not commit to a service provider. The mobile phone can be "topped up" with minutes as required and some services even offer a free mobile phone when purchasing a large quantity of minutes.

To review, some of the main features of pay as you go phones are:
  • No contract needs to be signed.
  • The best option for those who make few calls.
  • Ideal for travelling abroad.
  • Adding minutes only when necessary.
  • The possibility of a free mobile phone.

The Downsides of Both Options

The biggest downfall with a contract plan is the fact that the service provided may not be optimal; that is, there is very little a customer can do if the wireless coverage is poor or the rates are unacceptable. Should one wish to cancel a contract, a hefty fee will normally be levied. While the number of minutes or bandwidth may appear substantial, should a customer go over their limit, fees will often be quite expensive.

Some of the main disadvantages of mobile phone plans that involve a contract are:
  • Less than optimal service with few opt-out options.
  • Early termination fees.
  • Hefty surcharges for additional minutes.

There are likewise some notable drawbacks with a prepaid mobile phone. The biggest problem centres around the fact that the devices themselves are less advanced, offer fewer amenities and are more likely to encounter electrical or mechanical problems. Wireless coverage may be less and customer service can be poor. Such mobile phones are also notorious for having very short battery lives and should a phone stop functioning, a customer will be unable to contact his or her friends until a new one is purchased.

To summarize, some of the downsides of prepaid services include:
  • Less advanced software and hardware.
  • Poorer coverage.
  • Short battery life.
  • The inconvenience of having to replace a phone.