Mobile Broadband

Mobile Broadband

mobile broadband
As opposed to using an ADSL or a fibre optic connection, mobile broadband uses a dongle or modem to supply laptops, computers and other devices with internet by using the signals transmitted by mobile phone towers. While mobile broadband often works out more expensive in the long term than traditional broadband, it has a number of unique advantages.

The Advantages of Mobile Broadband

The most notable advantage of mobile broadband is that it allows for greater freedom, individuals using mobile broadband are not restricted by Wi-Fi range or the length of an Ethernet cable. This means that they can access the internet on their laptop wherever they are, making it a great solution for those who need to use the internet while on the go.
Another advantage of mobile broadband is that it is offered on more flexible terms than a traditional broadband contract. Indeed, most mobile broadband providers offer one month plans and pay as you deals. This makes it a great solution for a temporary situation.

There are also some great incentives associated with mobile broadband contracts. For example, many companies which offer long mobile broadband contracts offer free tablet pcs, laptops and games consoles in order to win your custom.

Unlike traditional broadband which often requires you to take out a landline contract as well as a broadband contract, mobile broadband does not require a landline or any of the associated installation fees. This can make it a more economical broadband option for those who do not need a landline.

One of the great things about mobile broadband is that it is incredibly easy to set up, all you have to do is plug in your dongle or modem into the device and you are ready to go!

4G Broadband

4G is the next generation of mobile phone signal technology and delivers superior internet speeds to 3G, bridging the gap between mobile internet speeds and domestic broadband speeds. Indeed, mobile broadband can be up to 4 times faster than standard 3G mobile broadband. A number of mobile phone network providers such as EE, Three and O2 offer a variety of 4G broadband deals which allow you to access high-speed internet on your laptop or computer. 4G mobile broadband is available on a range of contracts from 1 month only through to 24 month plans. In addition, if you only plan on using mobile broadband sparingly, you may find it beneficial to opt for pay as you go 4G mobile broadband.

How to Get the Best Mobile Broadband Deal

The first question that you will be faced with when deciding which mobile broadband deal is best for you is whether you should opt for a pay as you go broadband deal or whether a contract broadband deal will be best for you. Pay as you go broadband deals are best for those who plan on using mobile broadband occasionally or those who are using mobile broadband as a temporary measure. Pay as you go mobile broadband should not be used as a long-term solution as it will work out quite expensive. Instead, if you plan on using the internet regularly, you will be better off opting for a mobile broadband contract which entitles you to a set amount of internet every month for a period of time. Contract lengths for mobile broadband in the UK vary from 1 month deals through to 24 month plans depending on your needs.

Take advantage of broadband comparison websites, these will allow you to quickly compare the offerings from a number of providers and work out which provider offers the best deal. In addition, be sure to visit company websites as some have special deals for new customers. Furthermore, if you already have a mobile phone contract with a company that provides mobile internet, be sure to contact them as they may be able to offer you mobile broadband a special discounted rate.

Another factor that you will need to take into account when choosing mobile broadband deal is whether you would like 4G or 3G mobile broadband. This depends on what you use the internet for and how much money you plan on spending on your mobile broadband. If high speeds are especially important to you, 4G is your best bet. On the other hand if you are looking for a cheap mobile broadband option and internet speed is not of as much importance to you, you should be fine with a regular 3G mobile broadband deal.

As mobile broadband uses the signal from mobile phone towers to supply your device with internet, it is important that you get network coverage in the places that you plan on using mobile broadband the most. 3G is available virtually everywhere throughout the UK, but 4G, while coverage is expansive, is a bit more limited. In order to ascertain whether or not you will get signal in a certain area, simply enter you postcode into an online coverage post-code checker. Virtually all major mobile broadband providers have these readily available on their websites.

Top Mobile Broadband Deals 2017

Provider Monthly Cost Max Speed Downloads Contract Length
TalkTalk £19.95 17Mb Unlimited 12 Months
EE £29.00 60Mb Unlimited 24 Months
Three £19.00 42Mb 15GB 24 Months