IPhone Warranty

The Basics of an iPhone Warranty

iphone warranty

Areas Covered by the Standard Warranty and the AppleCare Option

Following a legal dispute this year, in Europe, the standard iPhone warranty is valid for a period of two years and is automatically included when purchasing the phone. This coverage will include the repair or replacement of all hardware (assuming such repairs are not the result of mishandling the phone) as well as ninety days of telephone tech support if needed. However, it should be noted that only the first call is free; subsequent calls will be charged per minute. One important aspect to note is that this warranty is guaranteed through all Apple authorized dealers. Therefore, it will also apply to stores such as Best Buy, Amazon, eBay and other outlets that are recognized as capable of selling Apple products.

Key aspects of the standard warranty include:
  • One year of maintenance to fix any underlying hardware problems.
  • A ninety day period of customer care.
  • This warranty is valid for all authorized Apple dealers.

While this coverage is automatic, many of those who intend to purchase i Phones may have the desire to upgrade their policy to a more comprehensive package. This extended warranty is known as AppleCare and boasts some distinct advantages. First and foremost, AppleCare will increase the length of time that the phone is covered to an additional two years from the date of original purchase. In addition, this plan will likewise offer full hardware and phone support during this time period. So, the main differences offered with AppleCare extended iPhone repair and insurance include:

  • An extra year of hardware coverage.
  • All-inclusive phone support during the two years provided.

While these warranties are indeed quite comprehensive in their scope, it is important to understand that by no means are such plans all-inclusive in the insurance that they provide.

One area that is not covered by either plan includes software. Apple is not responsible for any software issues that could have been resolved from downloading a normal iOS update. Additionally, damage that can result as an installation of any unauthorized third-party software is not covered by these warranties. Should a customer attempt to fix any software issues by using a service that is not recognized by Apple, the warranty will also be voided.

Physical damage as a result of improper handling is also not covered, nor is the normal wear and tear as a result of everyday activities. It is important to understand that damage as the result of accidental exposure or submersion in water is not considered to be covered by either plan (although this may change soon). Damage to the phone as a result of what can be considered acts of nature (fires, floods and earthquakes) are not applicable although an additional contents insurance policy from a third-party provider may cover such a loss.

So, some of the areas that are not covered by either the standard or the AppleCare warranty include:
  • Software issues as a result of improper updates or third-party downloads.
  • Any modification of the phone by unauthorized personnel.
  • Cosmetic damage as a result of normal wear and tear.
  • Water damage.
  • Damage or destruction as a result of fire, floods or earthquakes.