Internet Marketing

Selecting an Internet Marketing Agency

internet marketing
Today's consumer market is more competitive than ever before and it is important to have the right marketing plan for your business. More and more people are deciding to use marketing companies that will advertise to consumers online. This form of advertising is called internet marketing and there are many companies that are willing to put your message online. It is essential for your business to know what to look for when choosing from the myriad of advertising agencies. The key items to be aware of are the reputation of the company; their ability to get your message out there and seen; a comprehensive list of references from other customers; and a price structure and delivery plan that meets your budget and time frame.

So what is internet marketing?

In the world of advertising, internet marketing is relatively new, though has been present in some form since the advent of the internet in the early 1990's. At first, marketing on internet was separate from off. The focus of internet marketing was online business, especially new dot com start-ups. It is has increasingly become apparent that all advertising needs to have an internet component as more and more of our lives are lived online.

Selecting a marketing firm

When selecting an agency to represent you, it is important to have a long look at their profile and plan. Have a look on the internet to see what kind of reputation the company has. Ask for, and review references of previous clients that have used their services. When meeting with a representative, see what sort of plan they have for you. Ask them their experience with search engine optimization (SEO) and what benefits it has yielded to customers. Finally, ensure that whatever plan they develop for advertising online that it meets your time schedule and budget.

Key Points:
  • Internet marketing is any form of marketing done on the internet
  • Meet with representatives of the advertising agencies you are considering, to ensure that you can work with them
  • Ask for references of previous clients
  • Discuss the company's experience using SEO
  • Ensure that the final plan can met your budget and schedule