International Phone Packages

International Phone Packages

international phone packages
While the cost of international calls has certainly come down in recent years, calling numbers abroad is still expensive when compared to making domestic calls. One way by which homeowners can lower the cost of calling international numbers is by opting to take out an international phone package alongside their landline contract.

How to find the best international phone package

If you already have landline rental and have decided that you would like to incorporate international calls into your monthly deal, your current provider should be your first port of call. In a bid to retain your customer, many landline providers offer loyal customers extra discounts or offers.

If you plan on upgrading your broadband and/or digital television subscription at the same you purchase your international phone package, you may find it more beneficial to take out a bundle package. Not only do these packages make it easier for you to manage your utility bills, but they usually work out cheaper as many providers offer a discount based on the number of subscriptions you take put with them.

When comparing the various international phone packages available, it is always a wise idea to read up on customer reviews and testimonials. These will give you an indication of the level of customer service that the landline provider gives.

Things to remember

When comparing the different international phone packages available it is vital that you make sure that the countries that you frequently want to call are included in the package. Indeed, countries included in international phone packages vary from provider to provider.

As opposed to giving customers a set number of minutes each month, most landline providers give their international phone package customers free international calls up to an hour in length. While this may seem restricting, you can get around the cap by hanging up after 50 minutes and simply redialing.

Most international phone packages exclude calls to international mobile phones. This means that if you decide to call an international mobile, you will be charged extra.

If you do not make many international calls, it may be more economical for you to look at alternative cheap ways to call abroad. Such alternatives include pre-dial services, international calling cards or using VoIP services. For more information on the various ways to call abroad for less, please refer to our article on international calls.

Top International Phone Packages

Provider Package Cost of International Calls Line Rental Contract Length
Sky Anytime International £10 £15.40 12 Months
Plusnet Essential Broadband and Talk Anytime International £8.99 £14.50 12 Months
Vonage Premium £9.60 £0 1 Month
BT International Calls £5.50 £13.32 12 Months