International Calls

International Calls

international calls

While making a domestic phone call is relatively easy, calling friends and family abroad requires a little more attention. This article will guide you through both how to make international phone calls and how save money on calling abroad.

How to Make an International Call

When calling someone abroad, it is important that you take into account the time difference. While it may seem like a convenient time for you to call, the person who you plan on calling may already be asleep! You can work out the best time by using a world time guide.

If you are calling someone from your landline or mobile phone, you will need to know their international calling code. There are a number of helpful websites that can direct you to the right calling code. A calling code consists of an exit code, which is ‘00’ in the UK; the country code for inbound calls, for example ‘33’ is the country code for France; and the recipient’s number (city code and local number).

How to Save on International Calls

International calls can sometimes work out expensive. However, here are a number of tips to help you save on international calls.

One of the simplest ways to save on international calls is to contact your landline provider and enquire about international calling packages. International calling packages give you a number of international calls each month. In most cases any calls abroad up to an hour in length are free. These packages usually cost less than £5 a month. You can also get international call packages for your mobile phone. These typically cost around £6 - £10 extra a month.

While international call packages are great if you are someone who is frequently making calls abroad, it is certainly not an economical option if you only make international calls every now and then. It is better to use a pre-dial provider. By entering an access number and then dialing your chosen international number at the tone, pre-dial providers can offer you international calls from as low as 1p per minute!

International calling cards are another popular option for those who want to make international calls. Calling cards are prepaid phone credit that can be redeemed by calling a toll-free number and entering a pin number. You are then given the option to dial your chose international number. Calling cards can be used from any phone, be it a mobile, landline or even a public phone! To find out more about international calling cards, please refer to our in-depth article.

Another great way to save on international calling is to take advantage VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) services. There are free services such as Skype which allows you to video or voice call another computer for free. All you have to do is download their software and ensure that you have a working microphone. There are other paid services that allow you to use your broadband connection to call international landlines and mobile phones.