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Fax to Email

fax to email

Traditional Fax vs. Modern Fax

The most notable advantage was the rapid dissemination of information over long distances nearly instantaneously. This truly brought communications into the modern age. Additionally, faxes could send large amounts of data via telephone cables with a greater amount of security than traditional mail. Finally, these devices offered massive cost savings to organizations that would regularly need to send and receive data in real-time.

Advantages of the traditional fax were:
  • A rapid form of sending and receiving data.
  • The ability to send much higher quantities of information.
  • A cost-effective alternative to traditional postal services.

We have now seen traditional fax techniques integrated into modern email servers. This is a pronounced leap forward for what some have called an antiquated service. Users have the ability to send a fax to a computer via the use of an all-in-one scanner, fax and printer. This fax to email capability provides a quick alternative to downloading and modifying data into PDF or other forms of storage.

Also, to fax from internet sources is an extremely secure way of sending information. Many email providers will allow the information to be encrypted during transmission, thus offering a high level of protection against unauthorized third-party access.

An e fax is also a cheap alternative. In fact, there are many freefax services available that require only a simple download to install. They offer robust storage capacity, excellent levels of customer support, the ability to transmit a large amount of data and will save a great deal of money on the physical cost of paper.

Internet to fax methods allow for virtual data to be downloaded and transmitted without the need for a standalone printing service. This streamlines what at one time was a rather laborious process of scanning and faxing individual pages.

The benefits of modern e fax methods are:
  • A preferable alternative to sending large amounts of data.
  • A secure way to send and receive information.
  • A cost-effective platform. Many services are free.
  • A quicker way to communicate while saving on physical paper expenditure.

Obtaining the Best Internet Fax Provider

The most optimum fax services for a PC will be those that can be fully integrated into an operating system with little to no effort. The download process should be simple and the software itself should take up little space on a hard drive or network.

Additionally, these services should offer the capability to send a fax from a mobile device such as a smartphone. As such virtual communications increase, this modularity is becoming more common.

An email to fax platform (just as a fax to email) needs to offer high levels of security. There should be the option to encrypt files, a proprietary firewall should be included and users need to have the ability to raise or lower the levels of security as needed.

Lastly, a fax platform using computer or PC-based software needs to be equipped with a respectable level of customer care. There may be instances when an individual or business encounters a problem and qualified technicians must be on-hand to provide troubleshooting advice.

Main features to consider:
  • A smooth operational integration.
  • Mobile capabilities.
  • A robust security platform.
  • A high level of customer service.