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The Benefits and Drawbacks of  E-Commerce


Business Software for the Virtual World

One of the largest paradigm shifts that we have seen in the last decade is the fact that an ever-increasing amount of business is being accomplished online. Cloud computing, virtual networking and online sales portals are now commonplace. These are but a few of the reasons that website design is such a burgeoning field. Let us take a look at some of the advantages that training in this area will provide.

The ability to make a website streamlined and functional is in high demand, thus professionals can expect to earn a considerable amount of money. In fact, a high-end designer can earn thousands of dollars for an effective and engaging site.

Secondly, those who have the ability to create a website will not need to employ a third party for any design upgrades or modifications. This is extremely important, for such modifications will normally cost a great deal of money and may also cause network downtime.

There is also the option to perform website design on a freelance basis. This can be beneficial for those who must stay at home or whose schedules otherwise do not permit a normal full-time position. Conversely, a company may employ an e-commerce software and web design specialist on a part-time contractual basis. The salary will be substantial and the hours can be flexible.

Some of the benefits of such a position will include:
  • A position that is in high demand that will only increase.
  • No third-party help necessary when designing or upgrading an existing site.
  • The ability to work as a freelance operator or for a larger corporation.

However, it must also be remembered that there are downsides to every professional position and a website designer will likewise face potentially difficult options.

The most important risk to consider is the ever-evolving technological platforms that such knowledge entails. Simply stated, what may be functional today can be replaced tomorrow. Therefore, it should be expected that the learning process will never truly end.

Although the ability to create a website is in high demand, this field is extremely competitive. Therefore, only the top five or ten percent can expect to make a great deal of money. This may appear disconcerting, so it is important to stay constantly abreast of any new developments as they occur.

Such business software solutions need to be more focused on cloud computing than ever in the past. Adequate knowledge of this virtual framework is a must while a broader understanding of how such systems can benefit businesses is also invaluable.

Finally, while knowing how to make a website function properly is important, most e-commerce specialists also have a flair for visual design. It is for this reason that many astute entrepreneurs will opt to take graphical design or art courses to compliment this talent.

To review, some considerations that should be made will include the following:
  • A constant learning process.
  • A highly competitive marketplace.
  • A thorough understanding of cloud software.
  • A proclivity for visual design.