Computer and Laptop Repair

The Basics of Computer and Laptop Repair and Replacement

computer and laptop repair

Computer Repair Fundamentals

Although computers and portable devices have proven to become quite resilient in recent years, there are inevitable instances where a repair or an entire replacement will be required. To appreciate the differing demands that each may dictate, let us first look at the most common repairs that computers require and thereafter, the needs of mobile devices.

Computers and Laptops

Although the PC is becoming replaced by the laptop in many areas, fixed computers of this sort are still used in offices and homes quite often. As these cannot be transported from place to place, the chances of physical damage are much less. Still, screens can become broken or detached (as in the case with laptops), mouse pads can fail over time, keyboards can freeze or become blocked with dirt and cooling fans may cease functioning. All of these instances will require the skills of a properly trained technician to address.

So, some of the main concerns with PC's and laptops are:
  • Damage or detachment of a monitor.
  • Mouse or keyboard problems.
  • Cooling fan issues or other internal trouble.

Mobile Devices

As portable devices will tend to see much more abuse, it only stands to reason that these items will need to be repaired more often. A tablet or a notebook may be dropped and am LCD screen become cracked or damaged. Smartphones such as the iPhone can become accidentally submerged in water or a battery may cease to function. Screens can freeze up due to software problems or internal mechanical damage. In any of these circumstances, qualified technicians or the manufacturer will need to be called.

Once again, some of the most common repairs associated with portable devices are:
  • Physical damage such as a cracked ICD screen.
  • Water damage.
  • Internal malfunctions that cause all functions to cease without warning.
  • Permanent battery failure.

Steps to Consider when Repairing a Computer, Laptop or Other Device

The first thing to examine is whether or not the device is currently under a manufacturer's warranty. Companies such as Samsung, HP, Toshiba and Apple will all offer warranties for a certain amount of time after purchase; generally between one and two years. Should the device still be under this guarantee, the company will repair or replace any components free of charge.

Should a PC, notebook or tablet no longer have an active warranty, a computer repair service needs to be called. There are a few features that one must consider when choosing which may be the best company. Any qualified company should either display a number of positive online reviews or otherwise be able to provide favourable testimonials upon request. One should ask for an itemized list of any replacement parts that were needed. The prices should be compared against those of other similar services. When parts for a brand name phone such as Samsung, iPhone, Toshiba or HP are warranted, the repairman should only use items that are guaranteed under some type of limited warranty should a problem arise.

Variables to remember when choosing a repair service are:
  • Choose a service that boasts a large number of positive reviews.
  • Obtain a list of the costs of all parts or labour.
  • Compare prices with similar competitors.
  • Insist on a limited warranty.