Compare Broadband Deals

Compare Broadband Deals

broadband deals
With so many suppliers and an abundance of packages, it can be hard to work out which deal is best for you. The following Consumer Adviser guide is designed to outline to the options available and highlight some helpful, money-saving tips.

Broadband-Only Deals

As the name suggests, these type of deals include just broadband. In most cases, companies offer this through the form of mobile broadband which consists of a dongle which connects to your device via USB and uses the signal from mobile phone towers to supply your device with internet. If you would like to find out more about mobile broadband, please visit our mobile broadband page for specific buying advice. However, both Virgin Media and Plusnet offer broadband-only deals. Virgin Media offers 50Mb fibre optic broadband for £26.50 per month. Plusnet broadband requires individuals to have a BT landline already in place and offers speeds of up to 17Mb for just £12.49 per month.

In summary,
  • Virgin Media and Plusnet offer broadband only deals
  • Plusnet broadband requires a BT landline
  • Msobile broadband is another option

Broadband and Phone Deals

As most broadband providers require users to have a phone line, this is by far the most popular type of broadband deals that you will encounter. The deals include the cost of broadband and landline connection in a single fee which makes them a popular option for those who are looking to consolidate their bills. Popular providers of this type of broadband deals include: Virgin Media, BT, TalkTalk and Plusnet. The following table outlines the cheapest broadband and phone deals from a range of providers.

Provider Total Cost of 1st Year Downloads Max Broadband Speed Included Calls
TalkTalk £325.80 Unlimited 38Mb Weekend and evening calls See Packages
Tesco £208.80 Unlimited 16Mb Calls to other Tesco homephones See Packages
Plusnet £227.39 Unlimited 16Mb Weekend calls See Packages
Sky £229.80 Unlimited 17Mb Anytime calls See Packages
Virgin Media £285.88 Unlimited 50Mb Weekend calls See Packages
BT £325.80 Unlimited 6Mb Weekend calls See Packages
Primus (Fuel Broadband) £214.80 Unlimited 16Mb Weekend and evening calls See Packages

*Rates verified at time of publishing, but may be subject to change.

Broadband, Landline and Television Bundles

If you are looking to upgrade all of your services at once, why not consider a broadband bundle? These deals not only help consolidate your bills but they also work cheaper than taking out individual package from different providers. In addition to comparing broadband speeds and included calls, these packages require you to factor in which television package best suits your needs. You will need to think about which channels you want, if you want access to on-demand content and other services such as recording and pausing live television. Consumer Adviser has a comprehensive television package guide which outlines all the things to look out for in a TV package.

Things to Look out For

  • Find out how fast the internet is in your specific area as the advertised rate only has to be true for as little as 10% of a company’s customer base.
  • Find out how long the contract is for.
  • If you are opting for a phone and broadband package be sure to find out which calls are free and which ones you have to pay for. This will avoid any nasty surprises down the line.
  • If you are interested in a broadband deal that features digital television subscription, check out our article on TV packages.
  • Always compare the overall contact price, not just the month fees as many companies offer lower introductory rates in order to entice new customers.
  • If you are stuck deciding between two identical packages, see which one has the best incentives as some companies offer new customers free gifts and shopping vouchers.