Cisco Certification

The Importance of a Cisco Certification

cisco certification

Why Choose a Cisco Certification?

As technology grows in leaps and bounds, many professionals will seek to increase their skill sets as demand increases. The importance of a Cisco certification is the fact that many industries currently use this technology as the backbone for their communications and IT infrastructure. However, there are other important factors to consider.

An important variable in technical training is the ability to specialize in a certain field. Cisco courses can allow the individual to become certified in a wide variety of fields. Such classes can include service provider, IP telephony, security expert and wireless specialist. As the need for these roles grows, so will the employment opportunities upon certification.

Another advantage is the fact that the education involved will help bridge the gaps between theoretical understanding and real-world application. Many other courses do not provide such experience. The end result will be that the student will finish and immediately be able to work in his or her chosen field.

A third pivotal factor revolves around industry recognition. This type of program and the testing involved will display the aptitude necessary to a potential employer. This is of critical importance in an increasingly competitive field.

To briefly review, some of the main benefits that this type of certification offers are:

An innate understanding of powerful telecommunications systems.
Real world as opposed to mere theoretical experience.
Industry recognition and a higher chance of employment.

How to Obtain this Certification

After having decided on the technical path of choice, the first realistic step is to choose to participate in a webinar and a brief video introduction to the intended course. These can be found directly on the Cisco website.

Thereafter, there will be many study aids and training classes that are offered. It is important to realize that many of these training programs are given online. The requirements to become certified are that the student must comply with the Cisco privacy policy and must be at least eighteen years of age.

After the appropriate amount of studying, an online certification exam will be offered and proctored by a duly qualified Cisco representative. The exam testing is naturally quite involved and rigorous, so it is highly recommended that a good deal of time is spent online reviewing the required content. Thankfully, there are numerous study guides available.

The process can be summarized below:

It is advisable to participate in a webinar and watch a video introduction that will explain what will be required.
Download the necessary study guides and follow the recommended procedures.
The administration of the appropriate test to obtain an online certification.