Check Internet Speed

Check Internet Speed

internet speed

There are few things as tiresome in our modern world than waiting for a webpage to open. People may wonder why they can open a site in some circumstances, like at work in a snap, but at home it takes 20 seconds or vice versa. Of course, transfer speeds can depend on a number of factors such as your connection to the internet provider or local area issues such as your router and even your WiFi settings on your computer. Actually knowing your internet speeds can be a useful tool and there are numerous sites on the internet for testing your current performance.

Choosing an internet speed checking program

As with any service used on the web, the customer needs to be vigilant as there are people that take advantage of users by tricking them into believing they are using a service when in reality they are only mimicking the service to upload malware to your computer. So when considering various services to provide you feedback on your net speed make sure that you spend some time researching ones that have been used by a large amount of people, find out if the service is using local servers to run the test versus ones on a different continent which may invalidate the findings and consider trying one that may provide additional services such as a check of local network speed in addition to the internet speed.

As with most services on the web there are good ones and bad ones and due to the ability to crowdsource information the user can generally find out which ones will provide a service close to what they are looking for. Users will be able to ensure that the service that they say they will and not attempt to upload malware to the user. A quick review of forums and technology reviews should give a clear answer of where to place your business.

Many transfer rate testing services may seem good and even have quality reviews, but depending on where they are based, they may not have servers close to the requesting user to run the check. Running the tests over long distances may invalidate the results as the further away the server is the more likely the connection will have to run through an inferior line.

Finally some service provide more options than just the standard checking of the transfer rate between you and your internet services provider, some have similar services that check your local network speed as well. This is an excellent product for troubleshooting at a home office.

While these services cannot themselves improve up transfer rates they can identify issues and that makes them very valuable.

Quick Facts:
  • Internet Speed Checking is a valuable way to troubleshoot latency issues.
  • Not all service providers are the same and some offers on the web have a malicious intent.
  • There are services available to test speeds from your internet service provider as well as on your Local Area Network.