Window Replacement

Window Replacement


Window replacement and repairs are some of the most common tasks that a homeowner will eventually need to be address. Most often, repairs will centre around glass breakage, sealing the periphery in the case of drafts or upgrading existing locking mechanisms. However, an entire replacement can often be the most advantageous choice. For instance, older models may need to be upgraded to those which contain double glazing to save on heating costs. Thus, the overall carbon footprint of one's home can be reduced. Exterior noises can be lessened while the unit itself will be much more secure. Finally, modern replacements such as those which employ a synthetic material known as uPVC will offer long-lasting quality and excellent aesthetic appeal.

Numerous Styles to Choose From

As mentioned previously, windows made of a plastic known as uPVC tend to be the cheapest and they are offered in a wide range of styles and colours. Still, there are different designs that are suited for unique areas within the home. Some common varieties include low-maintenance sash windows, the open-air appeal of bay windows, traditional and ecologically friendly wooden windows and windows that are installed in lofts such as dormers and skylights.

Pricing Options

The average price associated with replacing all of the windows within a three-bedroom terrace is £7300 pounds but this will vary in regards to the materials used and the total number of windows. For example, uPVC windows which are one square metre will cost an average of £112 pounds (when they are purchased in bulk). Wooden sash windows are approximately £500 pounds while those constructed of uPVC will cost in the range of £300 pounds. Bay windows can be priced at £2000 pounds or more; depending upon the construction of the property and the materials preferred. Wooden windows are priced at £500 pounds while those that are double glazed will cost slightly higher.

Popular Window Providers in the United Kingdom

Some of the most reputable companies boast excellent levels of customer service, a competitive installation price and a reliable team of trained professionals. Examples of such enterprises include NetworkVEKA, Service Magic, Eurocell and A&E Glazing. Of course, these are but a few choices and a more thorough list can be found with the help of the Internet.

Once again, some of the main points to consider are:

  • Does the window require a repair or an entire replacement?
  • What types of windows are there to choose from and what is the average price?
  • Which installers are the most reputable?

Answering these questions will enable the homeowner to encounter the best and most window replacement services within the United Kingdom.