How Significant is the Issue of Pest Control?

As our population continues to grow, the issue of pests such as the mouse, the rodent or even the common bedbug raises considerable health and safety concerns. Rodents and mice can harbour dangerous diseases and a minor infestation can lead to a major problem in short periods of time. Bedbugs can not only carry different pathogens, but their bites can become infected. Termites reproduce in swarms and are responsible for millions of dollars in damage each year. Other creatures such as cockroaches can transmit disease through the unsanitary conditions that they will bring to a business or household.

Simply stated, some of the dangers of such infestations can include:
  • The transmission of diseases.
  • The ability to rapidly multiply.
  • Certain bites can become quickly infected.
  • Monetary damages.
  • The development of unsanitary conditions around the household or workplace.

Steps in Determining Whether an Infestation Problem May Exist

The problem with many of these issues is that it is very to spot the pest itself. They will normally reside in crevasses or dark areas hidden from view. Therefore, secondary signals are important to recognize.

Rodents and mice may leave no visual tracks, but small droppings around the periphery of a room may signal that they reside on the premises. This may also be accompanied by a rancid smell in cupboards or around garbage receptacles. The tell-tale signs of a termite problem are pieces of wood that seem spongy and chewed. Fine sawdust may also be seen at the base of the structure. Bedbugs are difficult to spot with the naked eye. However, blood spots on the mattress can often be a signal that they are active and preying upon a victim while sleeping. Likewise, itchy sores on the skin are indicative that a bedbug colony may be inhabiting a bed or clothing item.

So, a check-list that will help illustrate whether any infestations are present includes:
  • Checking an area for small mice or rat droppings.
  • Examining wooden structures for a spongy appearance or fine dust at the base of an object.
  • Blood stains on a mattress or irritated spots on the skin in the morning.
  • Where a Member of Parliament has influence, in most major cases a Labour or Conservative MP.

Pest Control

Thus, the expertise of a qualified exterminator is often the best option to help mitigate the impact of such outbreaks. Depending on the type of infestation, he or she will utilize various technologies to help provide a temporary or permanent cure.

Termite treatment will first involve determining the scope of the problem and performing a visual inspection. Most companies will then use a combination of chemicals and invasive techniques to help rid the premises of termites. This frequently involves the administration of food that is poisoned. The food will be taken back to the hive, shared amongst the other insects and the result will be the death of the colony.

Similar treatment options are used for mice and other rodents. Physical traps may be put in place within a structure. For larger problems that originate outdoors, rat and mouse poison is placed in receptacles around the property. The intention is for the pest to eat this poison and expire. The exterminator will warn parents to monitor their children carefully while playing outdoors, as this substance is also toxic to humans.

Incidence of bedbugs can be addressed by applying certain chemicals around the home and specifically on mattresses and other clothing items that will serve as a home for these insects. Most importantly, management of this pest also revolves around adopting proper sanitary techniques and other methods such as thoroughly vacuuming a house, filling in any cracks along the floor and using insecticides when necessary.

So,the common forms of pest control centre around the following:
  • A trained professional will perform a visual inspection.
  • Poisoned foods may be administered that will be taken back to the colony.
  • Physical traps can be used for mice and rodent populations.
  • Exterior caches of poison may also be employed.
  • Correct sanitary and preventative measures will be taught.