Storage Containers

Storage Containers

Storage Containers

A Look at the Types of Storage Containers and Their Uses

If we examine the industry from a top-down approach, we first encounter the massive storage containers that are utilized to ship large quantities of goods across the ocean. These are normally constructed of corrugated metal that is extremely durable for long voyages. Homeowners will rarely use these items, as most needs can be accommodated with smaller packages.

Next we find self-storage units that are designed to store the contents of a home or office for extended periods of time. These facilities are generally climate controlled, have a robust level of security and contents insurance provides adequate protection in the event of natural disasters or other unforeseen circumstances.

However, the most common devices are those that are used to transport contents or products over short to medium distances, such as a moving truck when one may be changing residencies and storage bins that will protect all contents during what may prove to be a lengthy transport.

Once again, the three main types of transport and storage are:
  • Large containers used to ship massive amounts of goods internationally.
  • Self-storage facilities designed to house home or office contents.
  • Storage bins and moving trucks to aid in a common household or business relocation.

Things to Consider when Choosing a Moving or Storage Service

The primary variable to remember when utilizing the talents of a moving company is if they have adequate insurance for the contents within any and all storage containers. This is of great importance, for without such protection the owner of the contents will be held fully liable for all damages that may be incurred. In addition, do some research on the company: are they reputable? do they have good reviews?

Secondly, the cost of the move itself must be carefully calculated. This is not only determined from the length of the journey but by the type of containers provided. For example, wooden boxes or corrugated cardboard are significantly cheaper than plastic containers. However, the previously mentioned items may not provide as much protection from accidental damage.

When examining self storage units, the same variables must be considered along with proprietary climate controls and secure access to the contents themselves. The best facilities will offer detailed descriptions of the systems that they have in place and will provide real-time examples of one of their units.

Lastly, should you choose to rent a moving truck, make certain that all registration and insurance papers are up to date. Check that all signals and lights are functioning. Make certain that any interior straps designed to hold contents in place are secure and that the back door has a strong locking mechanism.

To review, some of the main things to consider when embarking upon a move are:
  • Make certain the moving company has a strong reputation.
  • Calculate all costs well ahead of time.
  • Make certain that any unit used for storing goods is climate controlled and is guarded.
  • Determine if all the features on a moving truck are functioning properly.