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Clearing out that useless junk in your house is a great stress reliever and many people can't believe how much space they have once all the stuff is gone. Whether you are starting a huge renovation or just need to clean out the basement, having something convenient to toss the rubbish into is essential. The use of a rented skip is becoming more and more popular with everyday people both because we all seem to amass a lot more stuff and the greater knowledge of the services from the ubiquitous home renovation shows. From what was a limited service for construction has turned into a very competitive business, with numerous budget rental and rubbish removal services available.

If you are looking to rent a skip for a job there are some crucial things to consider:

  • How much rubbish are you going to be disposing of?
  • What is the reputation of the service you are booking, including their environmental services?
  • What services are offered by the waste management service you are working with?

Most of the rubbish removal and skip rentals that are available offer different prices based on the amount of refuse that is required to be disposed of. Some companies will provide you with some advice on how to determine what size skip you require, while others will send someone out to do an estimate and if you require a bigger skip than the one offered, the company will bring a new one quickly. It is always better to over estimate the amount by a bit, because getting a second bin, even if it is smaller will usually cost more than getting the bigger one the first time.


When selecting a waste disposal or skip service, it is important to do some research into the companies that you are considering. Generally, a quick search online will bring you back a number of reviews. Things to look for are: how quick are the companies to drop off the bins and how quickly they pick-up after it is full. Another item that you may wish to consider is the company's environmental polices and reputation. While most are simple disposal sites that drop off the refuse at the dump; a number of services are now sorting the bins and trying to recycle what should be recycled.

Due to the increasing competition with skip hire, many of the companies are now offering other services to convince you to choose them over the other options. Some of the options can make you life a lot easier, so make sure that you check and see what is available. For instance, a common feature now is truck rentals that allow you to haul some of your own stuff perhaps while moving and dump what you don't want. Some take it a step further and even have moving trucks with movers that can clear out your whole house just mark what is to keep and what is for the disposal rubbish bin. A more common service is rubbish pick up where the company will send around some people to clear the waster out of a shed or basement while you do something a little more fun.

Skip Sizes and Find the Best Skip Hire
  • Make sure you do a thorough estimate of how much stuff you have before selecting a skip size. If you do not think you will be throwing out too much rubbish, why not hire a mini skip? These are cheaper to hire than regular skips and are especially great if you have limitied space for a skip.
  • If you can, select the skip one size bigger than you think you need, as it is cheaper than getting a second bin later on.
  • Make sure that prior to choosing a service provider, that you do some online research. This will let you know if there are any timeliness issues for instance.
  • Ask the company what other services they offer. It may not be to expensive to get a company to do most of the work for