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Self Storage

self storage

Self storage is a service that can be enjoyed by anyone who wishes to securely keep their personal items in a location for a certain period of time. This type of storage is frequently chosen if one is planning on going on a holiday, moving house or simply requires a service that will guarantee the safety of what may be extremely valuable items. However, not all self storage solutions will offer the same features and naturally, certain providers are more trustworthy than others. So, let us quickly examine some of the primary factors to consider when choosing a self-storage unit.

What Needs to be Stored?

It is first important to determine the types of items that will remain in these locations. The reason that this is critical is that if valuable possessions are being moved, a separate insurance policy may need to be taken out. In general, a storage unit will be equipped to deal with nearly any type of item imaginable. Still, it is wise to discuss this with the storage provider to make certain that the facilities will support one's unique needs.


The levels of on-site security need to be robust (particularly when dealing with expensive or rare items). Most storage units will have closed-circuit television monitoring and motion sensors. However, many companies will also offer trained staff and security personnel to bolster safety levels. Access should only be granted to authorised personnel and the storage unit may even have a biometric system that prevents anyone but the user from entering into the area.


This feature is important when storing sensitive documents such as legal papers, a will or antiques. The reason that a climatised environment is critical is that levels of moisture and drastic temperature changes (such as those which can occur in the UK) can potentially destroy vulnerable materials. So, it is advisable to determine whether or not the climate of the unit is regularly monitored.


It should come as no surprise that the storage rates will differ from company to company. It is always wise to choose UK companies such as Big Yellow Self Storage, for they will tend to have more flexible options while internal security will not be sacrificed. In fact, the prices safe storage companies charge can be seen as a reflection of the guarantee of their services. Although a separate insurance policy may need to be taken out, the aggregate costs of a storage unit will have contents insurance included up to a point.

Once again, some of the most important metrics to consider when choosing self storage units include:

  • The materials that will be stored.
  • The levels of security.
  • The possibility of a climatised environment.
  • The rates that will be charged.

Obviously, these considerations will differ depending upon what is being stored and the length of time that it will remain on the premises. This handful of tips will help to guarantee that the most relevant and trustworthy service can be found.