Roof Repair

Roof Repair

roof repair

Roof Replacements Versus Repairs:

One of the first considerations is the fact that the traditional asphalt shingle will have a lifespan of twenty years or more. Thus, a main factor will be to determine when the last time an entire installation was performed.

Another variable is the environment. Regions subject to drastic changes in temperature and massive amounts of snow and rain will naturally cause a roof to weather more quickly than in a temperate climate.

Fading shingles can be another sign that a roof needs replacing. The lack of color indicates that the materials have thinned considerably and may be allowing water to enter the home. Walking a low-pitched roof can determine this quickly.

A major roof leak is a signal that at least a partial replacement is required. It is best to search the attic for any rotted wood or wet spots that appear to glisten soon after a moderate rain storm.

Major cracks in more than one shingle indicate that the elements have taken their toll. While it may be impossible to ascertain the full extent of the damage, it is a wise bet that a refurbishment may be necessary.

To review, some indicators that a roof may need replacing are:
  • Drastically faded colours.
  • A roof that is in a particularly harsh environment.
  • The age of the roof.
  • Significant water damage inside the home.
  • Multiple cracks in the roofing material.

However, not all roofs may require such drastic measures. Instead, a roof repair may only need a quick fix. For example, metal flashing that may have come unfastened can be easily nailed back into place. A minor roof leak can often be repaired by replacing a handful of shingles or by adding silicone sealant to any perceived gaps in a peak. Also, the tar paper between the shingle and the plywood roof may have rotted. Replacing this paper con prove cost effective if the damage is not extensive.

Once again, some indicators that a roof may be in need of a less comprehensive repair are:
  • Dislodged metal flashing.
  • Minor water leaks.
  • A small section of deteriorated tar paper.
  • Gaps in joints or at a peak that can be filled with waterproof silicone.

Using Roof Repair Companies

It is always wise to obtain the opinion of a qualified roofer. However, there are some key factors to consider when choosing the appropriate contractor. Endeavour to receive three separate estimates, as the price can vary significantly.

Inquire as to the type of supplies the contractor will use. Make certain that only quality products are employed, as substandard material can only worsen the problem at-hand.

Ask how long the roofer will need to complete the job. Never forget that billable hours can quickly add up and if possible, ask for a written copy of this estimate well before the project actually begins.

Finally, make certain the company is properly insured. There are many instances where an injury or fall will occur and the homeowner will be held liable for the ensuing medical bills and court costs.

To summarize, some things to consider when searching for a contractor are:
  • Cost.
  • The quality of supplies.
  • The intended duration of the job.
  • The level of insurance coverage of the company.