When it comes to the inside of our home we are surrounded by choices – rainbow shades of colour, paint versus wallpaper, traditional, antique and retro versus modern and minimalist – and our range of floor options is no different. Which option you choose is entirely dependent on your budget and preferences.

The traditional floor covering is carpet, but more and more people are opting for easy clean hard surface options.

Top of the range options include hardwood floors, in which thick planks are fitted onto the floor. It is strongly recommended that a top quality wooden floor is only laid by an expert as any error can either ruin the whole look of the floor for all time, or it can cost you a great deal of money to have the error fixed! A hard wood floor need a degree of care and maintenance in that they must be kept free of debris and particles that might otherwise scratch and mark the floor. Great care must be taken to not expose the floor to spills and puddles of moisture that can cause the wood to warp, discolour and split. As long as this reasonable level of maintenance is adhered to, a timber floor can last for many years, needing only the occasional light sanding to restore it to its former glory. The downside of this type of floor is that it does need this level of care and it is very pricey to install.

Cheaper options include vinyl, rubber and cork floor surfaces. These sturdy options last well, and are reasonably cheap and aesthetically pleasing.

The environmentally friendly can opt for bamboo floors, which are reasonably priced, strong, light and very attractive.

Ceramic tile is very strong, if somewhat brittle, and look beautiful as they come in a wide range of sizes and colors. However,  they can feel cold underfoot, especially in winter. Of course, if ceramic tile is your preferred floor you can always place mats strategically on the floor to provide some warmth for unwary feet!

Many houses have plain concrete slab poured on completion which can be left bare for the home-owner to decide what they want to do. If the slab is smooth and well poured it can be left as is, especially in a hot climate, but is not desirable in the middle of a very cold snowy winter.

In summary:
  • There is a great range of floor options available to the home-owner or tenant
  • Prices can range from thousands of dollars to mere hundreds depending on the option chosen
  • Choose between cheap and expensive, easy maintenance and high-care options