If you are planning on buying a conservatory, you will have a lot of options to consider. Conservatories are available in various materials, sizes and styles, so you will need to decide which option is the best for your property. While researching conservatories, you may find that they are sometimes referred to as a sunroom, but this term is less common in the UK.

Choosing the style

The Edwardian style conservatory is a popular design. Normally, this style has a peaked roof and offers the advantage that it will fit against any room in the house. They can also be adapted to fit different types of property, such as bungalows.

An alternative is the lean to conservatory, which has a roof that slopes up to the house from the front of the structure. This design is very versatile, as it can go around corners or fit into corners. It can also be L-shaped, rather than in the usual square or rectangular design.

As well as choosing the design, you will also need to decide which material to use. Wooden conservatories are an attractive option, with choices including oak, mahogany and teak. The wood can be left in the natural colour, or it can be stained or painted. Some types of wood will need to be treated to provide protection from the elements, but others will be protected by their natural oils.

Another option is UPVC, which is basically a type of plastic and therefore very durable. White is the most popular colour for UPVC conservatories, but they are available in a wide range of colours.

It is also possible to buy aluminium conservatories. These are more expensive than UPVC conservatories, but they are quicker and easier to construct, as well as being stronger than wood or UPVC.

If you are buying a replacement structure, you may wish to stay with a style that you are familiar with, or you may prefer to choose something different.

Choosing the furnishings

Once you have chosen your conservatory design, you will need to think about how to furnish it. Rattan furniture is a popular choice for conservatories, but conservatory furniture is available in various materials, including wood and fabric.

You may also want to buy some conservatory blinds, which can be made to measure. Conservatory roof blinds can be useful, as they can reduce UV and glare without making the room too dark.

Before making your decision, there are several aspects that should be considered.

  • How much will it cost?
  • What type of conservatory roof do I want?
  • Which material should I choose?

You can investigate the various options at showrooms or you can browse online. It is worth shopping around before deciding where to buy, as you can compare conservatory prices and find out if any of the suppliers are having a sale. Prices will vary depending on the material chosen, so you will want to chose something that suits both your taste and your budget.