Burglar Alarm

Burglar Alarm

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Everyone wants to ensure the safety of their family and their home. While many people rely on the deterrent effect of having nothing more than a sign stating that a burglar alarm is in place, the reason that signs alone can have any impact at all is due to the real safety that the alarm set-up is providing.

Choosing an alarm system

When considering putting a burglar alarm in your house there are number of important aspects to be considered:

  • What is the response time and who responds to the burglar alarm
  • What is the reputation of the provider you are considering
  • What has been the experience of other customers
  • What are the installation and ongoing monitoring costs.

After you have selected a few options for alarm services you need to discuss how calls are responded to. The service provider should be able to provide the average response time to alarms, whether they have cars on patrol or whether the alarm call goes directly to the police to respond to. There is no perfect answer to these questions but rather what you are comfortable with given the cost associated with the ongoing monitoring.

Prior to signing an agreement with a service provider conduct some online research into their reputation. Reading reviews from a number of different sources is the most accurate way to assess the service provider's performance. Focus on concerns regarding response time and customer service and make sure you are comfortable with how the concern was addressed. Do not hesitate to ask a specific question about a review as you discuss the terms of the contract. One of the additional benefits of the online research will be getting a better understanding of the alarm business and how the services usually operate, this will give you a heads up if you have a concern after the installation.

One of the big questions that everyone will have is how much the service will cost. The costs vary considerably by service provider and also depend on what kind of extras you would like to have. There are usually different costs depending on what kind of surveillance methods. For example, monitoring by camera is more expensive to install and maintain than using motion detectors alone. Some companies provide free installation but then have high monthly fees, while others include the installation cost and have lower fees by the month. It really depends on each individual situation. Discussing these items at the outset ensures that you will be more comfortable with the final decision.

Choosing to get a burglar alarm installed is very similar to buying insurance. It is there every day to give you peace of mind and you hope that it will never actually be needed.

Quick Facts
  • Each service provider will be able to tell you their average response time and how they respond.
  • Online research is the key to understanding how the business works and the reputations of the companies you are considering.
  • The type of set-up you want will dictate the initial cost as well as the ongoing maintenance.
  • Not all systems are monitored by phone line, some use wireless monitoring - ask what type the companies you are considering use.