Bathroom Remodelling

Bathroom Remodelling

Bathroom Remodeling

There are a lot of decisions that need to be made when it comes to remodelling your bathroom. You will need to decide on the colour scheme and style of bathroom suite, as well as any accessories. You may also want to change the layout of your bathroom.

The first aspect to consider should be the large, fixed items, such as the bath, sink and toilet. Collectively, these larger items are often called a bathroom suite.  If you have a small bathroom you may prefer to have a shower, rather than a bath, to save space. Large bathrooms may be able to accommodate both, as well as other items such as bidets and storage units. If the space is limited, you may want to consider a vanity unit, which is a sink with storage space underneath. Major bathroom stores, such as Bath Store and Victoria Plumb, have a number of bathroom suites in a variety of ranges, making it easy for you to find a range that matches your taste, be it modern, traditional or designer. Or if you want to mix the elements found in different ranges, you can pick and mix from a variety of ranges to put together  a unique bathroom suite.

Once you have decided on the larger items, you can start to look at bathroom accessories, such as soap dishes, shower curtains and toilet roll holders.

When choosing the colour and style of your bathroom, bear in mind that remodelling can be expensive, so make sure that you will be happy to keep the bathroom that you have chosen for some time.

In most cases, a professional should be hired to complete a remodel. Some aspects of the work should only be carried out by a qualified plumber or electrician.


Getting inspiration or further help

There are many online resources where you can get ideas and advice on remodelling. Companies such as Kohler have design ideas on their websites to give you inspiration, whether your bathroom is large or small.

In addition, there are some excellent interior design magazine available. They can not only give you great inspiration and show you the latest designs, but they can also give you some helpful tips on how to make your dream bathroom a reality!

You can also find independent sites that offer impartial advice on remodelling. These include tips on choosing a design and hiring a contractor.

It is recommended that you get quotations from a few different contractors. You can find a directory of contractors in your area online. As well as getting an estimate of the cost, you should ask if they have the applicable licenses required for plumbing and electrical work. It is also advisable to check references.

When considering remodelling your bathroom,  remember:
  • Aspects to consider include layout, colour and accessories
  • The work should be carried out by a professional
  • You can research different designs online