Bathroom Lighting

Bathroom Lighting

Bathroom Lighting

Bathroom lighting is slightly different to that found elsewhere in the house, and as such, needs to be thought about differently. Fabric lamp shades, bare bulbs and dangling light sockets tend not to have a place in modern bathrooms, and if used can make the room look cheap and unpolished. Opt for frosted glass or sturdy, high-quality plastic that will keep the electrical wiring dry and protected from steam and lavish splashing – if you have children you will know exactly how high an excitable three year old can get bubbles, water and shampoo! If children are not a splash hazard in your bathroom, you can add a wonderfully decadent touch by investing in one of the modern bathroom chandeliers! These ornate multiple-bulb holders cast off a bright light and add an air of old-fashioned glamour to any bathroom.

Safety is paramount in bathrooms and you must ensure that electrical outlets are compliant and well-sealed – you do not want to be responsible for someone's accidental electrocution. Lamps tend not to be used in bathrooms, for safety reasons, leaving the occupant reliant on whatever lighting was installed during the build and design process. If you have never worked on such a project before, it is perhaps much wiser to call in an expert who will know all the tricks of the trade and who will give you peace of mind.

Types of bathroom lights

Traditional lights take the form of one bright bulb, mounted overhead, usually centrally, or just over the basin, to provide a strong light in the place where it will be needed most. Contemporary designers have used their imagination and created a wonderful array of bathroom lighting options that have moved away from the old-school ceiling light. Modern LED lights can be mounted in clusters to form rows and patterns of lights, both across the ceiling and even down the walls, creating a much softer, more diffuse light in the room – perfect for ladies to use for the application of make-up – that is much easier to control, especially if they have a dimmer switch or are mounted in relays that allow you to choose exactly how bright you want the room.

Vanities are often built-in to bathrooms at the design stage, and this gives great scope for adding concealed lighting, designed to come on only when the vanity is opened. If you are lucky enough to be building your own home, according to your own preferences and desires you can let your imagination run riot – for a comparatively small addition to the budget you can add unusual light fixtures and choose the type of bulbs you want to have in your bathroom, which can make the bathroom look unique and distinctive.

If you cannot afford to install LED lighting all over the bathroom, and are more or less tied to one or two central light fixtures, then you can invest in some of the beautiful and unusual light sockets. Some of these hold between three and five bulbs, and they can be crafted into elegant shapes. Even such a relatively small change can really perk up an otherwise dull bathroom.

To summarize:
  • Bathroom lighting has changed dramatically over the last two or three decades, and there is now a great wealth of choice available
  • Bathroom ideas are freely available online and at furniture and interior design outlets – if you are stuck for inspiration pop in and speak to one of their experts
  • Good lighting can make a small, cramped bathroom appear spacious and graceful, while poor lighting can make a large bathroom look awful – choose wisely!