Liposuction can also be used to treat minor medical conditions such as lipomas. This is a lump of fat under the skin which is harmless but can be very visible. People generally want to get rid of them because it affects how they look and can damage their self confidence. Due to the fact that it's not harmful, most insurance companies refuse to pay for the procedure.

There are many different types of reconstructive surgery, one of the most popular being liposuction. This is a form of cosmetic surgery which aids the patient in looking slimmer by removing the excess fat from the body. People find that it's extremely helpful in losing weight and getting a better figure without a large amount of work, although there are potential side effects such as scarring, bruising and weight gain after the procedure. Some doctors say that cosmetic procedures like liposuction are not as good as natural methods of weight-loss such as dieting and exercise because it's inconsistent and there's no guarantee that the weight won't return.

The Procedure

Doctors state that if you plan to have liposuction, not to think of it as a primary method of weight loss, and complement it by eating healthier and exercising more to ensure that the weight doesn't return straight away.

This form of plastic surgery can be done under local aesthetic so that the patient is awake throughout the procedure, but there are various requirements the patient much reach before they are eligible to have the aesthetic surgery performed. This is to minimize risks to both the patient and doctor. In most cases, the patient needs to be over eighteen and not suffer any long term diseases or illnesses such as heart problems and diabetes as these can cause complications in the procedure for the plastic surgeons.

Liposuction is normally only performed on a few select parts of the body in which there is excess fat which is clearly visible. One of the most popular being the tummy tuck. Other locations include the hips, thighs and chin. These locations are the most popular because fat which is found here is generally harder to exercise away than on other parts of the body.

What to remember:
  • As with all forms of surgery, there are risks involved. Some of these are serious such as permanent scarring and death.
  • The NHS will not usually pay for liposuction for cosmetic reasons, which means you will need to get the surgery from a private clinic.
  • Although liposuction will remove the excess fat from the body, it won't be able to remove the stretch marks too. If there are any, these will need to be removed through exercise and toning.