Hair Removal

What is Hair Removal and How Does it Work?

Hair removal treatments have become an increasingly popular option in a 21st century society predominantly concerned with visual aesthetics. As such, both men and women are provided with a number of effective treatment options.

The Basics of Hair Removal

Unsightly body hair can make social situations feel awkward and possibly even affect an individual's personal self-esteem. Excess hair can occur nearly anywhere on the body but is most often found in the legs, back, arms and face. It is a common misconception that only women opt for these treatments, but an increasing number of men are also becoming attracted to the powerful results attained by visiting a laser clinic and undergoing electrolysis treatment.

Notwithstanding the gender concerns, some of the most popular hair removal options for men and women include:
  • Applying wax to remove excess hair.
  • Hair removal creams that can be purchased in many retail stores.
  • Laser treatments for facial hair or body hair, also known as laser depilation.

Often times, the location of the body hair can help determine the type of preferred treatment. For example, using a hair removal wax may be ideal for areas such as the back, arms and legs. However, more sensitive areas such as the face, groin or armpits may benefit from laser hair removal. Not only is comfort a factor, but it should be remembered that treatments such as creams and waxes are temporary solutions.

Laser Hair Removal

Lasers hair removal can be seen to be a more beneficial hair removal treatment that provides more permanent hair removal as the electrolysis kills the centre from which the hair grows, there for preventing it from growing back. While there are a number of beauticians that offer laser hair removal services, some people prefer to perform the procedure themselves. There are currently a number of laser hair removal products available for domestic use, such as No No hair removal.

Laser treatment benefits:
  • Long-lasting or permanent results.
  • A minimum of pain and discomfort.
  • Exacting procedures for sensitive areas such as the face.
  • A cost-effective solution in the long-term for areas of the body that may need constant attention.
  • Can either visit a specialist or perform laser hair removal at home

 Factors to Keep in Mind When Considering Hair Removal Options

Different individuals will have distinct motivations to remove hair; with the thickness of the hair and the amount that will regrow two major considerations. For example, many women may opt for a hair removal cream or a wax treatment if the results are only desired to be temporary. However, those with unsightly amounts of hair that they wish to have removed with little chance of regrowth are recommended to schedule an appointment at a laser clinic. For men who wish to effectively remove back hair or chest hair, this is a viable option as opposed to having to repeat multiple treatments with creams, gels, waxes or constantly shaving.

Although some laser treatments may appear to be expensive, they represent a much more permanent solution. In comparison to numerous treatments for years of over-the-counter remedies, this one-time price can prove to be an attractive alternative.

Considerations include:
  • The amount of hair needed to be removed.
  • The location of the hair.
  • The desire for a long-lasting solution.
  • Cost concerns with repeat applications of waxes or creams.