Detox Diets

Detox Diets


There are various types of detox diet which are designed to remove toxins from the body. In general, a detox diet will attempt to minimize the amount of chemicals consumed, increase consumption of foods that are high in nutrients, and increase the amount of fibre and water consumed.

Toxins consumed can include pesticides, antibiotics and hormones that are found in certain types of food. If a diet lacks the nutrients that allow the body to detoxify itself, problems such as poor digestion, headaches and fatigue can occur.

Examples of diets are a low carb diet, such as the Atkins diet, a gluten-free diet or a vegetarian diet. Some diets emphasize protein, where others may increase the amount of fruit and vegetables consumed.

It is also possible to go to a clinic for various detox treatments, such as colon cleansing.

Before going on a detox diet...

Anyone who is considering a detox diet should seek medical advise to ensure that it will be suitable for them. It is not thought to be suitable for pregnant women, and those with illnesses such as diabetes need to be particularly careful.

There is a lot of information available online regarding detox diets. It is advisable to consult a number of sources to ensure that you have information on both the possible benefits and side effects.

A health or weight loss forum may be particularly useful, as you will be able to discuss different types of detox diets with others who may have used them. This will be helpful for getting information from different viewpoints, on whether or not the diet is likely to have the desired effect.

In summary:
  • A detox plan will normally involve reduction or elimination of certain types of food.
  • Some detox diets can be used for slimming and weight control.
  • Detox diets are short term.