Everyone occasionally gets a burn in some form, whether that is a sunburn or a skin burn from the BBQ. Not everyone knows how to treat a burn, nor when it is appropriate to seek expert attention. Ideally most people should look into how to assess and treat a burn prior to it occurring, either through some online reading or more ideally through a first aid course. The key things to know if you or a loved one has a burn is: What kind of burn is it; to what degree is the burn; and finally what types of burn treatment can be done at home and when to seek emergency services.


Types of burns

Given the numerous ways that you can get a burn it is surprising that we are not all walking around with burns all the time. Some of the more common ones that you are likely to get or encounter are burns like a sunburn; a heat burn from steam or being to close to a fire; or a skin burn, where your skin actually comes in contact with a hot item such as a stove. People can also get a chemical burn, they are less frequent but it is still a good idea to know how to treat them.

Burns have a three stage rating scale depending on the severity of the burn. A first degree burn is a burn to only the epidermis or top layer of skin. If small this burn can usually be treated at home though if you have any concerns or if it is widespread it may be wise to seek medical attention. A second degree burn is when the burn penetrates the dermis or second layer of skin. Again, if localized and small it may be treated at home. A third degree burn is a medical emergency, this is when the entire dermis has been burnt. No matter how small this needs to be treated by medical professionals immediately.

Treating burns

Unfortunately, there is no quick cure for any burn, but there are treatments that can be completed at home if the burn is a first degree burn or a small second degree burn. An online search can give you some insight into a cream or ointment made for the type of burns that are most common. Many of these can provide relief from the pain and speed healing. There are also a few home remedies that can provide relief from the pain. One of the most common is the aloe vera plant. A little bit of the plant's liquid spread on a minor burn can soothe the pain quickly. Some companies now produce creams with aloe in them to provide a similar treatment.

No one wants a burn and hopefully if you get one you can find some relief quickly.

Quick Facts
  • A burn that extends through the entire dermis is a third degree burn and requires immediately medical attention.
  • Home remedies are available for burns such as the aloe vera plant.
  • There are numerous types of burns, some of the most common are sunburns and skin burns.
  • There are now many options of creams and ointments can soothe pain from a burn.