Alternative (Natural Cancer)

Alternative Cancer Treatments

Scepticism and dangers

When alternative therapies were first announced many medical professionals expressed their scepticism of their use against serious medical conditions such as cancer. Their reservations are usually bound up in the fact that many nature-based remedies are unproven – either testing has not shown a clear and positive benefit to patients or because testing has not been done at all. Some treatments are actively harmful to patients, and these are generally elaborate schemes and scams, designed to take advantage of terminally ill patient's desperation to get better, no matter the cost.

Some of the disproved alternative cancer treatment options include the Hoxsey method, a caustic paste of arsenic and herbs, which is actually banned in the United States; hydrazine sulphate, a toxic manufactured drug; and escharotics, which burn and destroy any tissue or skin that they touch. Just by their descriptions it is easy to see why the medical profession views such unregulated treatments with alarm.

How alternative treatments can improve living with cancer

Other treatments, while not actually being a cure for cancer in and of themselves, can make an enormous difference to the success in battling the disease. Adopting a healthier diet, drinking plenty of healthy fluids, getting regular exercise and lots of sleep can all help to boost the immune system. It is believed that most of us have some cancer cells floating around in our systems at all times. The cancer only becomes a problem when our immune system is compromised and the cancer cells can begin to replicate and grow. Once this was understood, it was possible to see how some natural remedies COULD in fact help the battle against cancers, boosting the immune system and enabling the elimination of mutating cells.

A positive mental outlook can also have a salutary effect on recovery – somewhat similar to the 'mind over matter' boost received from placebos that the patient believes are medications.

As a result, doctors are beginning to see and talk about the benefits of a 'whole body' approach to cancer treatments. While traditional, sometimes invasive, often difficult to cope with, treatments are reported to be the best, most effective way of aggressively eliminating cancer cells, recovery can be aided with the adoption of a healthy way of life. Herbal teas, fruit juices, plenty of fresh fruit and veg alongside a regimen of gentle steady exercise and plenty of sleep are recommended by even the most traditionally minded doctors!

In summary:
  • Alternative treatments may not be a cure, but they can help the process
  • A patient's mental status has a strong effect on the success or otherwise of treatments
  • Cancer cells are present in our bodies all the time, but only get out of control when the immune system is compromised or the body is excessively stressed.