Personal Cheques

Personal Cheques

personal cheques

While many of us are fully immersed in the digital age of online purchases and credit cards, the handwritten cheque still has a number of benefits that 21st century technology can hardly parallel. Appreciating these advantages will help one understand the reasons why some individuals continue to order cheques through their bank.

First and foremost, the cheque allows for more prudent transactions. As opposed to the swipe of a plastic card, a cheque needs to be laboriously written and signed correctly. This can provide a healthy and thoughtful pause before purchasing an item that may not be altogether necessary.

Secondly, the personalized cheque allows for more clarity in record keeping in regards to transactions. Balance books are commonly used and one can see the amount of savings in an account immediately. This is often not the case with debit or credit cards that may become mistakenly overdrawn.

Let us also recall that face-to-face payments are very difficult with credit cards. The written cheque still holds a fair amount of value and will be much more readily accepted than plastic.

Finally, a stylized chequecan reflect the personality of the user. Many unique designs are available and such items can even be considered marketing techniques to potential customers. Electronic transactions do not have this ability and this visual effect proves quite attractive for many.

To briefly review, some of the benefits with a traditional cheque will include:
  • More prudent transactions.
  • Better record keeping.
  • The ability to make face-to-face payments.
  • A chequecan reflect personality and style.

Now that we can appreciate the importance of these handy payment methods, it is also wise to take a brief look at some things to consider when ordering a set of personalized cheques.

As mentioned previously, the style is important from an aesthetic point of view. A customer has a choice of nearly limitless backgrounds and this is particularly the case when ordering from online companies. This style should reflect the core values or the personality of the user, especially if it is a business cheque.

Also, any personal cheque should come with a host of security features. As there are some who distrust the cheque, this is critical. A watermark should be visible when held up to a bright light. Microprinting is frequently used around the borders (it is difficult to replicate with a copier or scanner). Thin holograms have also made an appearance, as these proprietary designs are nearly impossible to reproduce.

Finally,the cost of the cheques themselves should be accounted for. A bank will often supply a new order for their customers although the amount of designs are naturally limited. Should one choose to order cheques online, comparing and contrasting different companies can uncover some phenomenal deals. This is especially common in bulk orders, as companies will frequently supply a certain number of free cheques in the mail along with the paid order.

Once again, some variables to consider when ordering a personalized bank cheque are:
  • The designs should be carefully chosen.
  • Security features need to be included.
  • Choose a company that offers free cheque with larger orders.