Day trading

What is day trading?

day trading
In the past day trading was associate with amateurs who want to get rich fast. However, today day traders are fast thinkers who put as much care into trading as any the professional would put into their work. It consists of short term investments, where securities are bought and sold within the same day before the market closes, hence the name day trader.  The process can involve long hours watching the markets and interpreting the economic data. It can be stressful and expensive, however some day traders are able to achieve good profits as by taking advantage of price shifts, they are able to earn little and often. In order to become successful, it will be necessary to have the ability and the time to monitor global markets.

There are different types of strategy, but the most common form involves chart based analysis. Most successful day traders develop investment strategies, whereas those who don’t have a strategy in place will often lose their investment. There are people who day trade full time, but many dabble in the stock market as a way to try and earn extra money. The facility to trade online in markets such as Forex means that the opportunity is available for anyone who has the time and money. Generally, people that succeed in day trading are those who have some leverage to use in the market, a plan, self-discipline and a knowledge in markets.

There are numerous websites that offer information on how to day trade. Advice is often given by those who have become a successful day trader. Getting advice from someone who has well-practised day trading may be invaluable, as they will be able to pass on knowledge and make you aware of potential mistakes to avoid.

Before you start risking your own money, it is a great idea to have a dummy run to get a feel for how things work. Simulators are available online, which are recommended for those who want to learn how to trade. In addition, these online simulators are also an excellent tool for current day traders who want to improve their current skills. These provide an ideal opportunity to practice prior to opening an account, without risking an investment. There is usually a subscription fee involved, but some offer an initial free trial.

In summary:
  • You buy and sell shares on the same day
  • It takes time and patience to learn
  • Advice is available on the internet