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Finding the most realistic quote for a you car insurance will depend on a number of variables. All such factors must be taken into careful consideration to help determine the most accurate and realistic estimate. Proper coverage will need to address a number of issues; each no less important than the next.

The age of the driver and his or her history behind the wheel of an car are perhaps the single most important variable that will be examined. It is a general rule that car insurance premiums will significantly drop when a driver reaches 25 years of age. Nonetheless, a clean driving record is essential to obtain the lowest rates possible.

Another aspect is the make, model and year of the car to be insured. Faster brands such as sports cars will incur a higher monthly premium due to the perceived risk associated with speed. Newer and expensive designs may also come with a higher price tag. Conversely, cars that are a decade old and are utilized only for work purposes will receive a lower insurance quote. Succinctly, the type of vehicle and its intended use will weigh heavily on the cost of a certain policy.

Additionally, vehicles equipped with safety and anti-theft devices will most often receive a substantially less coverage charge. Such systems as anti-lock brakes, redundant locking systems and an effective alarm system can all contribute to lower monthly car premiums.

Another issue that will effected how much your car insurance policy is how long you want the cover for. In most instances people chose to insure their car for the who year, however, if you plan on driving someone else's car for a one-off trip or perhaps just for a few weeks, it is cheaper for them to take out temporary car insurance as opposed to paying for the whole year. Temp car insurance is quite flexible as it lasts lasts anywhere between one and 28 days. In addition, temp car insurance policies protect your no claims if you have an accident whilst driving your temporary car.

In summary, a handful of key variables that a company will examine are:
  • The age and driving record of the driver.
  • The make, model and year of any vehicles that are to be insured.
  • The inclusion of safety and anti-theft devices.
  • How long you want the car insurance policy for.

Compare and Contrast

Before initiating any search, it is important to have some basic information at-hand as insurance providers will require some basic facts and figures to provide an accurate quote. Make a note of:

  • The make, model and year of your vehicle
  • The vehicle identification number (VIN)
  • A list of any anti-theft devices currently installed
  • A copy of a current driving record
  • A recent credit report

By providing this information, you will be able to receive a more accurate quote. As this is a highly competitive arena, rates can vary between different auto insurance providers. Premiums can vary depending on the size of the company, the commissions paid to their salesmen and the risk level they cater to. Price comparison sites are an excellent tool as they can compare the prices and coverage of a number of firms simultaneously. It is also wise to read up on customer reviews. Also, the major providers will often provide quotes immediately without having to speak with a representative. Make certain that any information provided is done so in a secure manner; avoid providing personal data to companies that may be unfamiliar or have little online presence.

Methods of Lowering a Monthly Premium

All drivers are recommended to take a defensive driving course. These quick, one-time programs can often save up to ten percent on monthly payments. In addition, learning such techniques can help a driver become more aware of the road and provide an invaluable set of skills that will last a lifetime.

Many car insurance providers will offer cheaper car insurance for fewer miles travelled. Although this may not be possible in all circumstances, there are instances where an individual can instead choose to bicycle to work or take a mass transit system a handful of days each month. Let us also not forget that this will help save money on gas mileage.

If you or your family own several cars you may want to look into getting a multi car insurance policy. The main perk of multi car insurance is that you will receive some sort of discount on the policy which can make it cheaper than taking out several individual car insurance policies. In addition, multi car insurance means that all of you insurance policies will be managed by one company through one simple payment which makes things a lot easier.

A driver's credit score is weighed heavily when obtaining an insurance quote. Improving this score over time can actually lessen monthly payments. Not all companies will consider this financial variable, so it is important to inquire as to whether this factor has any bearing on future premiums.

The most obvious factor is to drive safely. A growing number of providers will consider certain drivers as "valued" should they remain accident free for a number of years. The rewards can be substantial and may include lower payments as well as an increased amount of coverage.

Young Drivers Car Insurance

Many UK car insurance providers recognise that there are many young people who want to drive but are discouraged by the expensive insurance premiums and as a result they have a number of young drivers car insurance policies that are aimed at this section of the market. These young driver car insurance policies can allow learner drivers to start building up no claims whilst still learning to drive and some companies give students a special discount.

Another popular options with young drivers is black box car insurance. Some insurance companies give you the option to have a small black box installed in you car which monitors the type of roads you drive on and your driving manner. If you drive safely (no speeding, no harsh braking, avoiding high risk roads et cetera) you can be entitled to discounted insurance within 6 weeks of having the device installed. This type of insurance is a great way for safe, young drivers to save money on their car insurance.

To review, some of the most effective ways to lower motor insurance quotes are:
  • Participate in a defensive driving course.
  • Improve a credit score over time.
  • Maintain a consistently safe driving record.
  • Travel less miles per billing cycle when possible.
  • Look out for bespoke young drivers car insurance policies if you or one of your named drivers are under 25.

Cheap Insurance is not Necessarily the Best Insurance

When shopping for an quote on car insurance, it is a common mistake to choose a policy that seems the most cheap. While this may make the most sense from a budgetary standpoint, plans with only minimum liability coverage may be insufficient in the event of an accident. Some examples where basic liability is insufficient can include:

  • Commercial transportation
  • Cars located in a high theft area
  • Cars or commercial units used to transport hazardous or valuable materials

Classic Car Insurance In addition, those who own classic or antique cars will find it more more beneficial to take out a classic car insurance policy.  The major attraction of classic car insurance is that insurance companies often offer cheap insurance rates as the chances are that you will not drive the car so much and as antique and classic cars can be of very high value, insurance companies assume that class car drivers will take better care of their vehicles. Typically, the term classic car is applied to cars that are more than 15 years old. This means that non-collectable but old cars may be eligible for cheaper insurance rates should the driver apply for classic car insurance.