Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography

wedding photographer

Wedding photography is what we all rely on for our memories of what should be the happiest day of our lives. Choosing a photographer is tricky as the top-of-the-line photographers can be horrendously expensive, while those in the lower ranks may not capture the moment quite so successfully. Do not be tempted to take the cheapest route when it comes to the photographs for your special day. Once the cake has been eaten, the flowers have wilted and the steps of that first special dance have been taken, all that is left of your day is the wedding photographs...

When it comes to capturing the perfect photograph, do ask around and meet with a number of different photographers. It is important that you both like, and get on well with, the person who will be taking the shots.  Once you have found a cameraman that you are both happy with and can afford, make sure he or she is available on the day of your wedding and make a firm booking. The best photographers are booked up literally years in advance and you will need to get your name down quickly.

It is important to discuss the price of the package and ask whether video footage is included too. Many photographers include video coverage of the ceremony and reception as well as still photographs. With digital cameras able to do both it is relatively easy for events to be recorded and stills to be captured of special moments from the footage.

It is essential to make sure that you have allowed enough time in the day for the photographs to be taken. Emptying a church or other ceremony venue can take a full fifteen minutes or more, so allowing a mere half an hour for photos is not going to work. Work with the photographer to plan the required formal photos, while also allowing him or her a more or less free rein to wander around the home during preparation too for informal shots – especially of the bridal preparations – that will do more to recall the anticipation and nerves that you both felt before the ceremony. Be sure to be selfish and get several shots of just the happy couple – the group images are wonderful for those who were there, but those of just the two of you give you the chance to show your love for one another for posterity!