Custom Label


Custom labels are great for large companies, small businesses and the individual user. A custom label is exactly like a regular blank label, but with the information or design you want already on it.

There are not that many ways to get labels with your own designs on them. The most common method is to purchase specialist paper from a store, and using your home printer, print the label. The second, more expensive method, is to give your design or requirements to a store, who will then post you the finished product. Specialists tend to be quite expensive because they can offer significantly more than what you can get by making a label yourself.

Most specialists will be able to offer different materials for the label to be on, but can even emboss the label to really make it stand out.
Before you make a purchase or create your own label, make a list of exactly what you want that label to achieve. Then you can get exactly what you need straight away.

Some points to consider:

  • Depending on the material the label is printed on, it can be used for different applications. Fabric labels could be used as clothing tags to identify who clothes belongs to when attached to the collar. Laminated labels can be used as bumper stickers.
  • Buying specialist paper and printing your own labels could potentially cost less than having a company do everything on your behalf but you may not be able to get everything exactly as you'd like.
  • Going through a company will allow you to get many different types of labels made, using all types of material. They are also able to give many other types of customization options such as label size, background colour and shape. Knowing what you want in advance will save you time and effort.