Custom Lanyards

Custom Designed Lanyards


Although the origins of these handy instruments can be traced back to 15th century France, it is only during the 20th century that their popularity has grown within the general public. Lanyards provide a number of uses that are solely based on the discretion of the wearer. For example, a lanyard can be attached to an electronic accessory such as an mp3 player or a small camera, thus helping to prevent the device from being damaged or lost. A lanyard is often times used in conjunction with an identification device such as a name tag. These easy to access ID badges are widely used for both security purposes as well as during public events such as trade shows or large corporate gatherings. In fact, lanyards are even used as safety straps on treadmills. The lanyard will be attached to the treadmill and should the runner fall, the lanyard will become dislodged from the treadmill and it will quickly stop to help avoid serious injury.

So, some of the most common uses for custom lanyards are:
  • An attachment point for electronic accessories.
  • An ID badge holder.
  • A safety device used in conjunction with certain mechanical equipment.

It is easy to appreciate why these devices enjoy such universal popularity, so let us take a quick look at some of the things to consider when choosing a lanyard.

Important Considerations for a Lanyard's Design

One of the first things that needs to be taken into account are the type of materials to be used. Polyester straps with plastic clips are cheap and efficient to use during a public gathering where a one-time custom printed badge may be required. Conversely, for areas with a sizeable crowd, more durable materials such as reinforced cords and metal clips are appropriate.

A lanyard with an ID badge or a name tag can often be seen at locations where security is a priority. In this instance, name badges will be attached with a firm identification holder such as transparent plastic that will protect the badges themselves. This lanyard will provide the quick access required to enter into restricted areas or display proper credentials.

For marketing purposes, a distinct advantage offered by lanyards is their ability to offer print of a company's specific brand or mission statement on their straps. The colours should be bright and easy to read. It is also an excellent idea to provide additional contact information such as a telephone number or an email.

Many manufacturing companies also offer recognizable and striking name badges along with the lanyard itself. Both can be modelled meet the consumer's specification and purchasing both simultaneously can save money if they are needed in bulk.

As mentioned in the article reference above, there are now a number of at-home kits to make a custom lanyard. These are ideal should only a few be needed or a custom design is required that is perhaps too intricate for mass manufacture. Several online stores offer these services and the prices are generally quite agreeable.

Once again, some of the main applications for lanyards can include:
  • The use of durable materials that provide visibility in high traffic areas.
  • Security and identification purposes.
  • An effective marketing and publicity platform.
  • At-home kits that can offer the ability to make intricate designs or only a handful of lanyards.