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Bridal Shower Invitation Ideas

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The Importance of a Bridal Shower Invitation

The first main purpose of these letters is one of functionality. Just as a wedding or rehearsal dinner invitation should contain all of the necessary details for the guests, bridal showers likewise require similar information. This will help ensure that all guests will arrive on time at the correct location and dress appropriately.

In addition, the style and format of the letter may give the recipient an idea of what kind of event to expect. For example, an austere and ornate card that boasts a traditional, raised lettering in black and white will inform the guests that this event will possess a more formal atmosphere. Conversely, cards with unique lettering upon a colorful background will define the shower as a more fun and informal event. Thus, guests know what to prepare for and how to dress.

In addition to these two qualities, a highly crafted and unique invitation will represent an engraved memory of the event itself. As a result, many guests will choose to keep this invitation for years to come as a memento of the occasion. In fact, some extremely well-designed invitations have even been known to be framed by their guests.

Thus, three of the main reasons that the quality of these cards are important are:
  • Guests can be informed of the logistics of the event itself.
  • The design and template will help establish the tonality and the atmosphere of the party.
  • These invites are frequently kept as personal memorabilia.

So, now that we have determined the purpose and impact that an invitation has, let us examine some of the best tips for crafting a perfect invite that guests will undeniably enjoy.

Five Tips to Help Design the Most Appropriate Shower Invitation

  • The initial emphasis should be placed upon the specific details of the event. Information should include the host's name, the location, the time, how to respond, the directions and the dress code (if applicable).
  • Who should be invited to the shower can sometime be a difficult decision. As a general rule of thumb, only invite those individuals that will be attending the wedding or the reception. This can help avoid an uncomfortable situation between guests.
  • When seeking the help of a professional designer, it is important to recall that bridal shower invitations take some time to complete. The time involved will directly correlate to the number of invites to be sent and their respective quality. This temporal concern needs to me taken into account and the invitation itself should be sent out no later than a month ahead of the event. This will give all parties time to respond.
  • As stated earlier, the wording and syntax is extremely important and needs to take into account the anticipated atmosphere. Formal wording conveys a much different impression than that conveyed by lighthearted phrases. Most invitation designers will have several different templates available to help you choose the most appropriate tone.
  • An final consideration that is often overlooked is the type of paper and ink for the bridal shower invitations. As a bridal shower will only occur once in one's lifetime (hopefully), quality paper should be used. Many different thicknesses and shades are available. Designs with an "antique" finish are quite popular at the moment. Likewise, quality inks will not fade over time and raised lettering is an excellent way to passively imbue style and sophistication upon the upcoming shower.
Summarily, five key points to remember are:
  • Be certain to include the main details of the event.
  • Only invite guests that will be attending the wedding or reception.
  • Allow time for production of and send the invite out at least a month before the event.
  • Carefully choose the text to be written.
  • The quality of the paper and ink will reflect upon the shower.