The Versatile Uses of Customized Displays and Banners

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The Many Advantages of Custom Banners and Signs

One of the primary concerns with any marketing campaign is exposure. Should the public be unaware of a certain product or service, there is little chance that a company will find success. Flags, banners and other such physical displays can colourfully advertise the main strengths and purposes of a business. These custom designs can be placed on a street, above the entrance to a shop and in the case of such mobile platforms as a real estate agency or a landscaping service they can even be erected in the front yard of a property. This passive form of advertising can be essential to obtaining new customers. Vinyl decals are another excellent form of advertising. These can be adhered to the sides of work vehicles or on shop windows. Intricate graphical images can be printed on this vinyl material and they are extremely weather resistant. This durability can also be said for other publicly visible displays. Thus, there is no "expiration date" on these items. This is in direct contrast to a newspaper advertisement or an internet campaign. Custom banners, stickers, pennants and flags are extremely cost-effective. A central tenet of any successful marketing strategy is to gain as much exposure with as little monetary outlay as possible. These items can be printed in bulk and even the highest quality custom branding are normally within the limits of a tight budget.

So, the top three advantages of this type of advertising are:
  • An unsurpassed level of exposure on the street level.
  • The inherent longevity of these products.
  • An economic solution that does not sacrifice durability.

Although many of these benefits may seem altogether obvious to the astute business owner, there are nonetheless a few key factors that must be considered to help maximize the effectiveness of these public advertisements. The first concern is to choose the best sign company. A company should have a proven track record and provide examples of their success in previous campaigns. Local and regional enterprises can be asked to supply customer referrals to help validate their expertise. Another consideration is the type of visual advertisement itself. As with most such displays, individuals will not spend a great deal of time to read intricate details. A banner, flag or pendant should contain a company logo, contact information or a catch phrase but needs to avoid the superfluous usage of words. Brevity breeds clarity. The environment where these signs will be placed also needs to be addressed. Will they be within a yard or two of bystanders or will they be set in the distance? The farther away a banner or flag will be placed, the more striking the lettering must be and the larger the size that will be needed. Also, such signage needs to capture the attention of even the most casual observer. It is for this reason that a monotone display is hardly used. Instead, bold colours and large text can help bring this publicity to life.

Once again, some of the major variables to address when designing a campaign are:
  • Choosing the most reputable company.
  • Emphasizing simplicity and clarity.
  • The specific environment where such a display will be placed.
  • Incorporating the use of striking colours and bold lettering.